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Chemical Enterprise Intranet Integration Optimizing Technique and Application

Author ChenFei
Tutor MengYongBiao
School Xinjiang University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Intranet Thin client / server JSP
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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This paper analyzes the chemical companies building Intranet necessity to study the characteristics of the Intranet, two important technologies of security as well as intranet Web technology and Web database connectivity technologies; Microsoft Intranet solutions, according to the actual situation, select the appropriate chemical enterprise information network software process, the composition of the development environment. The characteristics of this paper is to use the server software Tomcat configuration server, Web application development tools-JSP (Java Server Pages) to create a dynamic network industry supports cross-platform and cross-Web server connection through the the JSP same relational database SQL Server 2000 page data is dynamically updated. Thin client / server configuration, and several typical chemical process systems applications in Citrix MetaFrame environment, explore the Intranet the chemical integration system applications in one direction. \Network technologies such as application software greatly reduces the enterprise management and maintenance of the cost of the Intranet and improve application performance, and ensure the safety and reliability of the information, and play a \Chemical enterprises to develop e-commerce framework has also been completed structures. The work has a forward-looking, it is the enterprise information management, and laid the foundation for ERP (enterprise resource planning), has important practical significance. This paper has the following characteristics: a: select JSP programming technology for building dynamic Web sites, the technology uses a flexible and powerful Java language, the platform technology, JSP is the first to achieve a cross-platform operation to get rid of the Windows-based platform using ASP bondage. And JSP is developed through the Java open mode, it can be a wide range of other development tools, Web servers and application developers are supported. : Chemical companies is the traditional industry As China enters the WTO, China's chemical enterprises are facing competition from globalization, such competition from sense knowledge economy and information technology competition. The chemical enterprise information construction is imperative, the system is fully integrated with the characteristics of the chemical enterprise intranet, the whole system is divided into the internal network with the external network outside the network in the company's e-commerce activities and corporate image promotion; in enterprise internal information sharing, networking and application software running within the network, and before entering the internal network authentication, fully guarantee the security of internal information. : Thin client / server technology to achieve all of the applications and data by the server scheduling, management and support. All applications execute on the server; client can be a very low-end configuration, the application in the browser via the ICA protocol on the call server, and the final document is stored in the client or the print. D: Based on the the Intranet platform information system security can be divided into two major parts of the network and information security. Network security technologies, including firewall technology represented by a series of network security technology, the IP address conversion technology, service agent technology, virtual private network technology, the system is divided into the intranet and extranet. Information security technology, including password encryption technology represented by technology, key management and database encryption technology. Integrated chemical enterprise network optimization techniques and application preliminary model of the system, and to explore the direction of the the chemical enterprise information construction.

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