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Synthesis and Properties of Stilbene-Triarylamine as Charge Transfer Materials

Author CaoXiaoDan
Tutor LiuDongZhi
School Tianjin University
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Charge transport Electroluminescent Triphenylamine Styrene Crystal structure
CLC O625
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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The charge transport material is the major component of the charge transport layer in an organic photoconductor , its performance will directly affect the performance of the organic photoconductor . Synthesis excellent performance of the charge transport material is a hot spot of the current research in the field of xerography . Especially in recent years , it electroluminescent and field of flat panel display has broad application prospects greatly broaden the application field of the charge transport material . Look for both charge transport functional materials have excellent electroluminescent properties of organic chemistry and materials science has become a research focus . Therefore , this paper design synthesis two types of styryl phenyl amine charge transport materials , and their structure and performance . Synthetic styryl triphenyl amine charge transport material in the process of improving a synthetic route, to design two synthetic routes . Nitrobenzyl bromide and α- naphthaldehyde as a starting material , by the Wittig reaction , reduction reaction , and the Ullmann reaction synthesis three naphthyl vinyl the triphenylamine compound ; diphenyl bromomethane and nitrobenzaldehyde from the starting material , by the Wittig reaction , reduction reaction , and the Ullmann reaction synthesized three distyryl triphenylamine compound . The resulting nitro intermediates identified by IR , the final product is identified by means of infrared spectroscopy , mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction analysis . The electrochemical properties of the final product by oxidation reduction potential of the test , wherein the oxidation peak of the two compounds with high sensitivity charge transport material should have an oxidation potential of between 0.50 ~ 0.65V . The photophysical properties of the final product by fluorescence emission spectra for a solution and solids , the results show that they have excellent fluorescence properties in solution and in the solid - state thin-film state , the fluorescence emission wavelength between 467 ~ 492nm , is a blue electroluminescent material . This paper first reported the crystal structures of five compounds .

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