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Preparation and Stability of Two Kinds of Functional Emulsion

Author LinChang
Tutor HeGaoHong
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Emulsion SBS water emulsion Paper and plastic laminating adhesives Stability Swelling and leakage Demulsification Freezing and thawing Liquid film
CLC O648
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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The emulsion mainly includes two categories, the oil in water type (abbreviated as O / W) and water in oil type (abbreviated as W / O). In this paper, two types of systems, each select one as the research object. First, the O / W type SBS aqueous latex, the other is a W / O type petroleum ether emulsion. Preparation and stability of these two studies for two specific emulsion system, respectively. The preparation of the two emulsions are used surface active agent in the oil China and France. The impact of the volume ratio of the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium, the amount of surfactant, such as system parameters and the emulsification time, emulsification strength, etc. of operating parameters on the stability of the emulsion during the preparation process were investigated. Draw the volume ratio of the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium, the amount and type of surfactant structures are an important factor affecting the stability of the emulsion was prepared, emulsification strength is a direct factor related to the milk bead diameter size. Further, by the direct observation under a microscope, it was found that the prepared milk bead diameter is more uniform, small, the better the emulsion stability. For the O / W type SBS aqueous latex investigated hydrophilic polymer PVA is added in its stability and adhesion effects. Ultimately determine SBS thermoplastic elastomer main raw material for the adhesive, rosin tackifiers, cyclohexane as a solvent, OP-10 as emulsifier, prepared a new present O / W type emulsion form, reduces solvent amount of environment-friendly paper and plastic laminating adhesives. Thesis for a simple tearing experiment results show that the adhesion strength of the aqueous latex and the practical application of the plant, is large enough to satisfy the paper-plastic composite requirements. For the W / O type emulsion system, investigated the relationship of various parameters and stability performance in the preparation of petroleum ether emulsions, secondary dispersing ability, i.e. swelling and leakage of the W / O / W type liquid film is formed. The results show that the amount of leakage of petroleum ether emulsion liquid membrane is very low, not more than 3%, the moderate degree of swelling at about 20%; the high viscosity of the emulsion is not suitable for the liquid film, because the high viscosity will result in high entrainment swelling. Finally, the article from another angle, - the emulsion rid Difficult to examine the stability of the W / O type emulsion system. The experiment used a brand new emulsion breaking technology - freeze-thaw method demulsification. The ways to get rid of the The conventional emulsion liquid membrane system has been very satisfactory rid effect, most cases Demulsification rate and dehydration rate of more than 95%. Freeze-thaw demulsification is a need to add any substance is safe and reliable demulsification technology, applied to the W / O emulsion rid very rarely reported, the use of more liquid membrane process is without precedent.

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