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On the Yuan Dynasty text system to its narrative

Author BuXueLin
Tutor YangDong
School Hebei Normal
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Yuan-zaju works system narration Four Folds One Wedge One Character Soloing lyric
CLC I207.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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As the earliest maturated drama model, Yuan-zaju takes an important role in the whole china narrative literature history. However research for Yuan-zaju has been two mishaps. On the one hand, it doesn’t been recognized after the system of Yuan-zaju being established. On the other hand, only emphasizing the songs and words emotion expressing, moreover ignores its narrative character, which leads to the song and drama theory couldn’t combine together.Accounting that, the text attempt to emphasize Yuan-zaju’s essence as narrative literature. Looking into what can be affected to author’s narration after the system established. By analysis, the text choose’ "Four Folds One Wedge", "One Character Soloing", "Songs And Words" as the discussing object."Four Folds One Wedge" limit the length of Yuan-zaju. It is certain that one root has four folds. In this way, when the contents don’t agree with the system, the author is obliged to take some narrative tactic. When the contents can’t reach for four folds, the author can increase episodes and repeated similar affairs to add the story length. When the contents go beyond four folds, the author can change the setting affairs into personalities dialogues, at one time, through the technique of recalling narration and premise to cut short the story length.The system of "One Wedge" enhances some agility factors to Yuan-zaju’s narration. Its mostly influence is increasing the length to some extent. The wedge in the head of drama is used to show the background and that of in the middle of drama responsible for the clues connecting fluctuated folds."One Character Soloing" impacted on the Yuan-zaju’s narration mostly. Above all, choosing different characters main singing ascertains the works narrative visual angle, which decides the whole work’s narrative tone. Secondly, the system affected the characters’ setting. The author shall arrange less important characters meeting for it. Thirdly the system also affects character’s building. The main role is givenprominence, but the other character can only dialogue. The last, the system also influence the narrative clew, which made Yuan-zaju basically lonely narration, and can’t form crewel or more line narration. To "Songs And Words", people emphasize more its emotional expression and account less its narrative function. In fact, Yuan-zaju’s character of narrative literature decides the necessity to narration in songs and words. The text examples several instances in it’s narration. Through the analysis to it, we can find its essay specialty. And that makes it can introduce amounts of tongues, using many kinds of sentence pattern, which leads to lifelikeness and mellifluence for narrative style.

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