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Summon the Open text readers vision fusion

Author YuZuo
Tutor WangShengSi
School East China Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Fusion of Visual Field Jane Austen Open Artistic Truth Sentimental novel Text Classical novels Story Free indirect discourse Description Techniques for
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Why is Jane Austen’s works unfailing for hundreds years? How does her novel succeed in walking the readers into plain life, and at the same time enabling them to jump out of the life ocean to go through it, overlook it, and understand it deeply. Austen seems to have her own craft to experience the truth of art together with the readers. This thesis will, from the angle of aesthetics of reception and hermeneutics, lay stress on the evocation of her novels to the readers, discover that Jane Austen’s novels are exoteric texts evoking the introjections of Horizons of Reading, which makes the reading not a one-way reception but a dynamic dialogue between the reader, the writer and the text. This enables more explanations of the text come out from the ocean of the words which is beyond expression, and also uncovers the truth of art through the conversation of the reader, the writer and the text. Chapter I: Text evokes writerBase on the text of Jane Austen’s writing and letters, we find the extension reason of her being evoked into novels besides her individual composition motivation-for fun and for money. Through combing the development and situation of fiction in 18th century, we can conclude that it’s the blooming literature age evokes Austen into fiction world. Those Gothic novels and Sentimental novels were not only the seedbed to Jane Austen, but also the target arose her retort. She learned how to lay out one’s mind, study how to exaggerate one’s foolish, continued the theme of Gouging maid, and contained all these into her realistic writing. With her lively round characters and interesting realistic stories, she moved on to a deeper criticism on the social life. Meanwhile, affected by her enormous reading, her family appreciation and romantic poetry, she formed a language art of fluency, perspicuity and humor. Chapter II: Text evokes readerIn Austen’s novels, those attract the readers are interesting stories, characters and scenes. She fully aware of the enchantment of love stories, and discovered another group of "old lady subject" to attract yearly-doubled women readers. She created instant scene to amplify the detail of normal life and emotions. Through the "moving angles" and the "three voices in the text" which is formed by represented speech, the readers are evoked into the a temporary instant of comparatively quiescent soul. What’s more, mean-absent language structure moves readers to complete the text,which exhibits her extraordinary irony art and English language feature which leadsback to middle-English tradition.Chapter III: Austen’s novels evoke modern readersJane Austen throw great effort to the eternal- theme on the relationship of man and woman, which make her classical novels also popular among modem readers. Because readers with great pressure from modem society turn to those classic works for release and comfort, the joviality and readability of Austen’s novels fall into readers’ Horizons of Expectations. This helps her novels become more favorable than those works of modernism and pop novels. On the other side, her silence on some of the issues creates the blank of the text, which is caused by her self-control. Those blanks (or gaps) suggest there is another irrational world exists. Together with her fiction kingdom, they compose a world, which evokes readers to look into their consistent and inconsistent. However there are three misreading of Austen’s novels, which hit the real weak point. ConclusionJane Austen’s works are not bom miracles, neither are they self-sufficient. In the world of fiction, writer, reader are both evoked by art. The text serving as a carrier, is bom with the personal character of the writer, and understood by the reader personally. The truth of art won’t come to light without either one of them. Therefore, Jane Austen’s novels are such exoteric texts evoking the introjections of Horizons of Reading.

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