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Study on Working Principle of Drive-device of AUV Drived by Temperature Difference Energy

Author HouShengZhi
Tutor NiuZhanWen
School Tianjin University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Drive device of temperature difference energy circulation processes ????heat efficiency ? No.16 hydrogel
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Ocean’s temperature difference energy is a kind of reproducible and clean energy. Compared with underwater vehicles, which is driven by electricity, AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) by temperature difference energy has wider range, longer voyage and deeper submergence. It will have more expansive foreground.Drive-device depending on Ocean’s temperature difference energy can transform heat energy to mechanical energy. This thesis investigates the circulation processes of the drive-device, analyses the principle of heat circulation processes and shows the way to estimate the device’s thermal efficiency. The model of irreversible Carnot heat engine and optimum formula being set up according to irreversible processes in the device, that has guide significance in academics on optimizing structure of drive-device and improving efficiency.Heat conduction in drive-device depending on temperature difference energy is the key factor to affect the power of drive-device. According to the features of heat conduction, the mathematics model on phase change heat conduction is set up, two kinds of methods to solve phase change heat conduction is introduced, and one is enthalpy method, the other is heat-resistance method.The key problem in learning drive-device depending on temperature difference energy is to choose working medium. This device adopts No.16 hydrogel as working medium which is a kind of temperature?sensitive?PCM (Phase Change Material).The material’s feasibility is proved by measuring material’s characteristic parameters.The model machine of drive-device depending on temperature difference energy is developed, which adopts No.16 hydrogel as working material. Depending on the model machine, the experimental results show that the material could meet the characteristic request of drive-device.

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