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Analysis and Research on the Scheme of Right-bank Flood Discharge Grotto in GongBoXia Hydro-power Station

Author ShiSiCun
Tutor ZhangSheRong
School Tianjin University
Course Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords Vortex spillway tunnel Horizontal vortex spillway tunnel Energy dissipator Hydraulic model test Shape Optimization
CLC TV651.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Vortex spillway tunnel the diversion tunnel turned into a permanent spillway tunnel a new energy dissipator type. This spillway tunnel generally Rotating upper water diversion tunnel, shaft, part of the energy dissipation chamber (or water plunge pool) and back water tunnel. This paper combines the Gongboxia Hydropower Station discharge tunnel construction, from the technical, economic, geological, construction and Gongboxia hydropower reality, spillway tunnel of the original \, the Gongboxia Hydropower spillway tunnel on the right bank of swirling shaft is feasible. Features, combined with the swirling shaft type, and focus demonstrated horizontal vortex spillway tunnel program than shaft cyclone spillway tunnel program has obvious advantages Gongboxia hydropower applications. Horizontal vortex spillway tunnel no domestic engineering examples. Its energy dissipation mechanism of centralized performance in the following three aspects: stickers wall rotation velocity of spiral flow motion gradient along the radial variation of different flow layer shear force, resulting in the inner and outer layers of water exchange aerated collision consumption most of the energy, such as from the spin rate of energy consumption up to 30 ~ 40%; movement of the spiral flow water particle trajectory ds is much larger than the cyclone hole length dx equal to extend the length of the cyclone hole, increase the resistance along the way loss; flow spiral flow movement, wall additional pressure equal to the increase in the skin friction of the cyclone cave. Flow pattern analysis swirling shaft spillway capacity, helical intensity distribution characteristics, and the shaft - vortex spillway tunnel hydraulic calculation method. Through extensive experimental research, optimization of the structure of the spillway tunnel. Gongboxia Hydropower Station horizontal vortex spillway tunnel optimization programs, while a detailed analysis by experiment Gongboxia hydropower level vortex spillway tunnel hydraulic characteristics, such as the flood discharge capacity, energy dissipation rate, the size of the ventilation air concentration distribution, velocity distribution, when both pressure and fluctuating pressure distribution characteristics. The calculation method of horizontal vortex spillway tunnel, flood discharge capacity of the horizontal vortex spillway tunnel calculus, calculated and experimental results are consistent. The successful application of horizontal vortex program Gongboxia hydropower station on the right bank diversion tunnel alterations spillway tunnel engineering, the results of their research on the swirl of energy dissipation workers in research and application will play a positive role in promoting.

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