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Pd(OAc)2 Catalyzed Dehalogenation of Aryl Halides in PEG

Author ZhuYongXiang
Tutor ZhangYuHong
School Zhejiang University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Catalyst Halide Transition metal-catalyzed Reduction reaction Dehalogenation Master's degree thesis Optimal conditions Zhejiang University Zhejiang Polysubstituted
CLC O621.25
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In organic chemistry , the production and use of a large number of halogenated caused serious environmental pollution , with a practical method of halogenated hydrocarbon waste into easy to handle or use substances has become a subject of concern by the people . This paper examines the use of Pd (OAc) 2 / PEG catalyst system for catalytic reduction of aryl halide reductive halogen reaction , the main content and the results are as follows : The effect of in an environmentally friendly PEG ( polyethylene diol) is a solvent and a reactive hydrogen source a halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon to a halogen -reduction reaction ( Dehalogenation ) . PEG is currently widely studied green reaction medium , as compared with conventional organic solvent , this method is not only reaction efficiency, mild reaction conditions , and compared with the conventional catalytic hydrogenation method , avoiding the use of high temperature and pressure conditions . Further , the reaction of the method to avoid the use of relatively expensive and complex of the ligand . PEG - media halogenated aromatics to halogen reduction reaction studies investigated the impact of different molecular weight PEG, different alkali and temperature on the reaction , the optimal reaction conditions , and completed under optimized conditions reductive dehalogenation of different substrates , the system of aryl iodides , aryl bromides , aryl Quito halide can be within a relatively short time with good effect dehalogenation . The mechanism of the reaction at the same time conducted research and discussion, and that the reaction of the PEG acts as a source of hydrogen in the reaction .

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