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A Research on the Teacher Flow Mechanism of Compulsory Education in the County

Author GaoBo
Tutor WangJingYing
School Northeast Normal University
Course Educational Economy and Management
Keywords compulsory Education primary and secondary school teachers teacher flow mechanism
CLC G522.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid economic development, gradual increase in the demand for talent, while the teachers in the training of personnel played an important role and responsibility of an important mission, from national to local levels of government have attached great importance to the rational allocation of teacher resources , have introduced policies to promote the rational flow of the teachers in this region, so that a balanced distribution of teaching staff, promotion of education equity. In this paper, appear on the primary and secondary school teachers in one-way flow of liquidity and disorderly flow, the loss of more serious issues such as the phenomenon of an accurate grasp of the causes of these issues to analyze, based on relevant theories, drawing on advanced experience at home and abroad to build up in line with China’s national conditions of the counties within a reasonable flow of primary and secondary school teachers in the mechanism.The body is divided into four parts:Part I: describes the flow of trends in primary and secondary school teachers and the problems of primary and secondary teachers in the flow of accurate grasp of the status quo. Flow pattern in which primary and secondary school teachers in an increasingly diverse mobile market has become more sophisticated and mobile become increasingly frequent. The main problems are: chaotic flow, the loss of quite serious, the mobile channel is not smooth, continuous flow of disputes and other issues.Part II: a careful study of mobility problems in primary and secondary teachers of primary and secondary teachers, the flow of the reasons for irrational conduct in-depth analysis, from the policy level, the material interests of the level, the spiritual needs of level three dimensions started thinking, leading to primary and secondary schools to identify teachers, the real reason for the unreasonable flow.Part III: This paper presents the rational flow of primary and secondary school teachers in the theory. Cook, based on the creativity curve, Katz’s theory of organizational life, Lewin’s field theory, Yoshiro Nakamatsu goal is the same theory, drawing on the rational flow of foreign talent successful experience of primary and secondary school teachers in the county to improve the flow mechanism to work.Part IV: In order to promote the rational flow of primary and secondary school teachers so that teachers rational allocation of resources proposed primary and secondary school teachers in the county flow mechanism of the building, the establishment of a new mechanism for a reasonable turnover of teachers, both from the formal and informal systems of mechanism to regulate the perspective of turnover of teachers, so that teachers and teacher out of the mechanism into the system more scientific, impartial, but also from the movement of teachers to constantly improve the mechanism to protect the interests of the eight aspects in program design.

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