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Research on Technology of Feature-Oriented Product Configuration and Application of Speaker Cone in the Innovating Design

Author JiangBin
Tutor LiJunYuan
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords character configuration cone customer requirements configure templates similarity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The primary production patterns of existing industry are the customer-demand-oriented design and production. Through introducing the background of the model,analyzing status, object and means for product configuration, the writer finds thatmost product configuration still is not fit to the special industry which configurescharacterization of part nowadays, so the thought based on features of part is putforward in this paper, the way will satisfies the consumer-demands, makes repeatedlyuse of enterprise’ resource farthest, shortens cycle of exploitation of part and reducescosts.In according to the thought of product configuration oriented features of part, thetheory is illustrated firstly, then techniques are brought forward, Finally the theory isused to develop a subsystem "An Innovative Design System for Cone", which comesfrom the Science Department of ZheJiang Province—"Research on the InnovationDesign Platform for Rapid Response to Customer’s Need and Enterprise ApplicationIntegration System and its Application of electro-acoustical Industry". Feasibility oftheory has been validated.The research’s content in this paper includes following parts:(1) Feature-oriented part configuration is put forward based on the analysis andresearch on some representative product configuration methods.(2) The paper studies the theory of feature-oriented product configuration.Feature concept is put forward and product features is classified comprehensively.Then an improved method is advanced for normalizing customer-demands.Configuration rule and configuration inference tactics are introduced, a mix reasoningstrategies of feature-oriented configuration based on case and rule are discussed;Professional CAE simulation software can evaluate results of configuration. Thepart’s characters will be optimized by professional knowledge in repository. The method of product configuration management oriented multi-view is introduced(3) Key techniques and realization method in character-oriented configurationtheory are expatiated. Firstly the arithmetic of existing matching cases is improvedbased on characteristics of product configuration which faced to part feature.Parametric design and realization method of configuration results are presented,Rule-base and template-base in configuration design are discussed, CAE-FINEConeand its workflow are introduced. Finally the way that is used to manage the results ofanalysis is put forward.(4) Feasibility of theory is proved through applying research outcomes toinnovation design system of cone.(5) This paper summarizes its main research content, and presents some prospectin the future research work: application based on Web, integration with othersoftware and configuration method based on character template are deeply researched.

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