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Intelligent Cleaner for Greenhouse Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Author ZhouJuan
Tutor LiuJunFeng;ChengTianLiang
School Agricultural University of Hebei
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords greenhouse intelligent cleaner MCU system remote control path planning
CLC S625.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Along with people’s demand of green food and fresh organic food is continuouslyincreasing, planting and breeding aquatics in greenhouse brings into more and moreimportant play, and also brings more economic benefits for the peasant household. Forincreasing the light transmittance in greenhouse, and enhancing the yield of the crop, akind of intelligent cleaner for plastic film greenhouse has been researched and designed,and it can carry out automatic or full-automatic cleaning.This paper first consults the domestic and foreign research actuality on relationalcleaning equipments and sweeping robots. Based on the comparison among congenerproducts, the research aim and content of intelligent cleaner for plastic film greenhouseadapt to be used by common farmer is brought forward.In the whole design scheme of the intelligent cleaner for plastic film greenhouse, thefunction and configuration are introduced. The function of the cleaner is running on thetop of greenhouse, sweeping, and sucking up dirt. According to the mechanicalconfiguration, the cleaner is composed of running module, sucking module and controlsystem. Control system can be divided into master cell, motor drive part, sensor part,remote control part and power supply. The cleaner chooses tricycle structure. Thefront-wheel is a versatile wheel. The left-wheel and the right-wheel are drove by twoseparate motors. The cleaner’s turning depends on the difference of the two wheels’rotate speed. During the cleaner running, dust and chipping swept by the two sweeperbrushes is sucked up into the dust box through the passage.In the hardware design of control system, considered the memory, the interfaceresources, the ability of data processing and the reliability performance and etc, theATMEL Corporation’s MCU AT89C52 has been chosen as master controller, whichforms the double-CPU application system has strong function, high ratio of performanceto price, and totally satisfy the requirement of control function. All of the driver motor,suction motor and brush motor choose DC motor. The driver motor adopts PWM control.The fixed-frequency and adjustable-width PWM pulse is produced by 8253timer/counter. IC L298 has been used to drive and control the two driver motor. Suction motor andbrush motor has been used MOSFET to drive. At sensor part, based on the speed of thewheels which are detected by the incremental opto-electric encoder, closed PID controlof the driver motor is carried out; the Infrared LED and the photoconductive dynatrondetect the full of the dust box. Wireless remote control is adopted to carry out the remotecontrol of the cleaner.In the software design aspect, through analyzing the link between the bottomhardware and path coverage planning algorithm, it actualizes PID adjustment algorithm forthe cleaner’s walking and path planning algorithm. Moreover, it completes the maincontrolling program and remote controlling program and the detection procedures.After researching and designing in part, the cleaner integrated with entire functionsis debugged as a whole system.

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