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The Yanbian region pear varieties organization structure of

Author JiangYunTian
Tutor QuBaiHong;LuJingMei
School Yanbian University
Course Pomology
Keywords Pear Leaf tissue structure Vessel Characteristics difference
CLC S661.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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This article makes a study on leaf tissue structure in Pingguoli, Asian pear Xiehuatian Daxiangshui and Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim in Yanbian area by the paraffin-embedded tissue sections, segregation and microscopy observation methods. To make a research in some characteristics and differences in leaves and stems tissue anatomy about different pear varieties viewed from leaves and stems in Morphological characteristics and quantity analysis as well as comparison wood fiber drive pipe. It provides an anatomical basis in cultivation and use for pear (pyrus pyrifolia).The results show that the leaf transactions in five varieties of pears to contain some general and difference characters.The five varieties belong to different leaf organization in structure. About the epidermal cells and internal epidermoid constitutes by a Layer cells, the epidermal cells are bigger than the internal epidermoid obviously, to the epidermal cells are circular or rectangle in shape, and so the internal epidermoid cells are short square or circular; The blowhole distributes the internal epidermoid, the stomatal apparatus constitutes to two guard-cells and two subsidiary cells; the five varieties have the obvious mastoid appurtenances process structure in main nerve epidermis; Main nerve bundles appears a flexibility; The abaxial parietal bundles appear a remarkable bulge, The palisade tissue extends to the abaxial bundles. The palisade tissue cell shows a cylindrical in shape, the layer with a different, pingguoli is for two-three layers, the other varieties for two; the main nerve epidermal cells to contain cuticle layer also has the difference in nature, the Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim cuticle layer is one-three layers, the other varieties for two-three. Pingguoli leaf main veins appears protruding significantly, leaf surface with trichome, the main vascular catheter is about 31 lines, Daxiangshui and Asian pear leaf main veins appear protruding significantly; the main vascular catheter is about 25 lines, and the Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim contains 23 lines, XieHuatian contains 21 lines.About the leaf transections. Asian pear appears approximate triangle and the other varieties are circular, the main vascular catheter for Pingguoli is a bouquet, the other varieties vascular catheter bundle are three bouquets, the Pingguoli bundle shape is obviously for U. Xiehuatian and Asian pear big vascular catheter bundles are approximate U in shape, Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim and Daxiangshui big vascular catheter bundles are approximate V, the other two small vascular catheter bundles present circular shape. The pingguoli vascular catheter Bundle periphery sclerenchyma is insufficient in growth; the abaxial bundles periphery has rarely the sclerenchyma cell, but the other varieties bundles peripheries are rich in sclerenchyma.Make a show on quantity character in five Pear Varieties organization structure. The palisade tissue and spongy tissue thickness ratio, the palisade tissue/spongy tissue thickness ratio, pear variety stockade tissue thickness, sponge tissue thickness, the stockade tissue/sponge tissue thickness ratio, cell tense ratio, sponge ratio, the main nerve cuticle thickness has the significant difference.It contains three kinds of types about drive pipe end for the both sides have tails, a tail, and both sides tailless from five varieties segregation material characters. It can be learned that the catheter with long or short tail part, in structure, its wall ramps longer and a high inclinationt. To show their original classification features. These are the characteristics of evolution in leaf vascular with abnormalities. Catheter is low inclinationt, wall ramps shorter, catheter is dilatation in caliber and shorter. These show pears’original classification features with evolution, and prove synchronous in evolution.

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