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Estimation on Adatablity to Various Stresses and Biological Peculiarity of Several Euonymus Fortunei Species

Author WangCe
Tutor LuXiuJun
School Shenyang Agricultural University
Course Forest cultivation
Keywords Euonymus fortunei Estimationg ShenYang Introduction Breading Biological Peculiarity Stress
CLC S687
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Euonymus fortunei belongs to Euonymus, Celastraceae.evergreen vine with broad leaves.lt plays vital important role in broaden afforest space, proper apply of mit-terrain,increase urban green part,also,it’s future apply is prosperous.In order to conduct breeding exploitage and usage of resistant species of Euonymus fortunei for ShenYang in theory, this paper diserves and investigates the phenology time and biological character of four Euonymus fortunei.Study is put forward on low-temperature stress shade-resistant perculiarity,as well as the reaction and adatablity in water-stress of Euonymus fortunei from XinJiang,which has a relative good growth character.The results are as following.1.All the four species are broad and ever-green,no leaf falling down in winter, Euonymus fortunei covers the ground in winter well,it sprouts early in spring and grows for a really long period.It’s growth period begins from early March and ends up to early November.Height growth happens twice per year ,The first time is in middle May,the second is in middle August.X1,B1,B3 survives after natural winter, the upper part of B2 is frozen to death ,but the beneath part sprout again in the next spring2.Along with the decrease of temperatur REC of leaves and stem of various species in creases like Logistic equation,the relative coefficient is above 0.9123.According to the results, the half-death temeratures of X1,B1,B2 and B3are -30℃,-26.9℃,-13.1℃,and -29.5℃respeitively;half-temperatures of stem are -30.7℃,-26.4℃,-16.5℃and -28.4℃.Via the estimation on quatas for growth and physiology of four species in low temperature, the cold resistante aility is like: X1>B1>B2>B3.3.Under umbrageous conditiongs, all the chla,chlb increase,chlb is the most obvious and chla/b deereases. As prolonging the umbrageous period, chla/b decreases seriously, In a certain degree of PAR ,Pn increase imediately when light intence increases,nomatter the contrast or the treatment.When it gets to the peak value(Pmax),Pn decreases when light intence increases.If PAR is the low level,Pn is higher than the contrast.However, in emphasized light intence,Pn is lower than the conruast obviously.This phenominan demostrates that: Euonymus fortunei shows up adatablity in weak light intence inviroment ,and adatablity to enhanced intence becomes unavailable Much umbrageous protection make LCP and LSP decrease.As for the four species.It instructs the four specise that grow in weak intence have fuller use of low intence light and less full use of enhanced intence light.LCP and LSP of X1 changes markably, that is to say,X1 has a wide adtablity to light. Umbrageousness deereases the rate of photosynthesis, sumarize above,the four species fo Euonymus fortunei are high LSP,Inadequance of light intence affects the rate of photosynthesis greatly.4.The growth of the four species in various umbrageousness changes in a different way ,to growth has apparently corrdation to LCP,Pmax, There LCP and Pmax can be used to estimate the adatablity of the four specise with various umbrageousness After comparing the growth various umbrageeous treatment LCP,Pmax of the four species,the ability to restrain umbrageousness in different umbrageous situation is figured out:Umbrageous-resistant in 24%: B3>B2>B1>X1.Umbrageous-resistant in 24%: B1>B3>B2>X1 Umbrageous-resistant in 24%: B3>B1>X1>B25.Quotas for photosythesis character of X1 has a close relationship with the degree of water-stress and period of water-stress.The rate of Pn and usage of water of Euonymus fortunei under various treat are accroding to two-humped curves.The rate of photosynthesis and usage of water have apparently correlation to conductance. The more serious of water-stress, the higher of the peak value of water usage rate of Euonymus fortunei .Under water-stress,chla of X1 increases,chla/b becomes high.and the more serious of the stree,the higher of the value of chla/b the longer the time is, the greater the extent of increasing is.The increasing ends up after five days fo 25% water-stress.Combine the conclusiongs from imitated water-treatment with all the photosynthesis and other physiological quotas,25% PEG,X1 is affected worst on the third day, even it’s physiological abilities are demaged;5%PEG,15%PEG, it’s still adatable to droughty on the fifth day.6.X1 protectect the plants’ cells from injure under various stress by adjusting photosynthesis chara ter,speeding old leaves’ decay, icrease the activity of POD ,increase the amount of sugar Pro etal..

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