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The genetic studies of the Campanulaceae

Author WangLiPing
Tutor WuJiRi
School Yanbian University
Course Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords Playtcodon grandiflourus Chromosome karyotype analysis RAPO fingerprint genetic laws of flower color the selection effect of the single root weight
CLC S567.239
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The experiment was integrated Jilin Provincial Department for Science andTechnology Basic research Department about the project of application of molecularmark technology in Platycodon grandiflorus. Analyzed the chromosome karyotype ofPlaytcodon grandiflourus, studied on genetic laws of flower color of P. grandiflourus,discussed the selection effect on P. grandiflourus, which established a foundation forresearch on genetics and breeding of P. grandiflourusThe chromsome numbers of P. grandiflourus were counted by root tip squashmethod, and karyotype of Playtcodon grandiflourus was analyzed. The resultsshowed that its chromosome number was 2n=18, didn’t find B-chromosome.Thekaryotype formula was K(2n)=2X=6m(2SAT)+12sm. The chromosome of the 5th,6th, 9th were metacentric chromosomes, the chromosome of the 1th, 2th, 3th,4th, 7th,8th were submetacentric chromosomes. There was satellite in the 6th chromosorne.The variation range of relative length was 8. 8~13.77, the chromosome ratio of thelongest and shortest was1.56, the average arm ratio was1.85. The index of karyotypeasymmetry is 64.90%. It belongs to the type of 1A from the viewpoint of thekaryotype recommended by Stebbins. It was asymmetric and relatively primitiveform.Analyzed the karyotype of haploid P.grandiflourus. The results showed that itwas composed metacentric chromosomes and submetacentric chromosomes. Thekaryotype formula was K(n)=X=7m(1SAT)+2sm. The 1th, 2th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7thchromosomes were metacentric chromosomes, the 2th, 8th chromosomes weresubmetacentric chromosomes. There was satellite in the 6th chromosome. Thevariation range of relative length of nine chromosomes was 8.91~14.55, the totallength of chromosomes was 26.81μm .The total length of long arm was 16.48μm.The.index of karyotype asymmetry was 61.47%. It belongs to 1A type by Stebbinskaryotype.Fingerprint research on identification of purple flower P.grandiflourus and whiteflower P.grandiflourus by RAPD. 7 polymorphic primers were screened from 200random primers. A band of 580bp from OOgG02 was specifically amplified from thetested all the purple flower P. grandiflourus and were absent in the tested white flowerPlaytcodon grandiflourus. So, the band had the speciality of the purple flowerP.grandiflourus and it can be used to identify the purple flower P.grandiflourus andwhite flower P. grandiflourus.Crossed between purple and white flower of P.grandiflourus, analyzed geneticlaws of flower color P.grandiflourus by RAPD fingerprint research on descendantseparate. The results showed that purple flower and white flower between obversecross and inverse cross in F1 bloomed purple flower. It indicated the heredity methodof flower color of P.grandiflourus was cell nucleus heredity and purple flower wasdominant to the white flower of P.grandiflourus. The 85 DNA of the aseptic seedlingby obverse cross in F2 and 88 DNA of the aseptic seedling by inverse cross in F2 wasamplified from the OPgG02. The speciality of the purple flower in F2 of the asepticseedling by obverse cross was 61 DNA of P.grandiflourus and the 24 DNA of P.grandiflourus hadn’t the speciality of the purple flower. The proportion was 2.54.The speciality of the purple flower in F2 of the aseptic seedling by inverse crosswas65 DNA of P.grandiflourus and the 23 DNA of P.grandiflourus hadn’t the specialityof the purple flower. The proportion was 2.83. Flower color segregation in F2aseptic seedling of purple flower and white flower between obverse cross and inversecross by x2 c text was the proportion of 3:1. It indicated purple flower and whiteflower was a pair of gene control quality character. Purple flower was dominant andwhite flower was recessive.Collected 16 germplasm resources of P. grandiflourus from different area of thedomestic and foreign. Measure the selection descendant by rank of the big, medium andsmall. Discussed the difference in germplasm resources of the selection effect in thesingle root weight. The results showed that the single root weight were distinct insome germplasm resources by the rank of the big, medium and small, some weren’tdistinct, some were distinct between the rank of the big, medium and small and somegermplasm resources by the rank of the big, medium and small were distinct andreverse. In the article analyzes reason of questions, would be provided theexperimental basis for system selective breeding of P. grandiflourus.

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