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Research on Acquiring Buyer’s Trust in C2C Transaction

Author ZhaoWei
Tutor JiangZhongHui
School Ocean University of China
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords C2C Transaction Buyer’s Trust Factors
CLC F713.36
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce needs of Internet users increasing rapidly, particularly for consumers, demand for e-commerce is becoming a hot spot. With its own unique strength, C2C e-commerce is loved by the people, and it shows more great market potention. While the business opportunities, but space-time separation Causes buyers and sellers can not transact face to face and the goods can not be directly observed in C2C network transactions, resulting in the degree of information asymmetry increasing. In addition, due to large quantity and uneven quality of sellers in C2C web, uncertainty that the buyer in the C2C site have to face increases greatly. And these extremely easily lead to the situation that buyers do not trust online transaction, which impede the smooth progress of C2C transaction. Thus, the ability to acquire the buyer’s trust in C2C transactions is the key to success or failure of the seller. This will also further relate to the development of C2C network operators. As seen above, to solve the lack of trust in C2C transactions, the buyer’s problem is very necessary.It is directly related to the C2C website and the seller’s survival and development.In this paper, by literature method, data analysis and case study analysis methods, From the C2C website and seller’s position, studies question on acquiring buyer’s trust in C2C transaction.Through reviewing literature, this paper summary model of building trust and influencing factors in electronic commerce. In this paper, environmental factors, C2C site factors, the factors the seller and the buyer in terms of four factors in the buyer’s trust in C2C online trading access to study the issue. In the form of a questionnaire survey to collect research data, using SPSS 16.0 the data analyzed. And through analysising domestic Taobao web and foreign eBay web, explore the buyer’s trust in C2C online trading access to the problem.Through literature review and facor analysis, this paper summes up the ten factors affecting the buyer’s trust,including EA(C2C network transaction environment),WA(C2C site quality),WB(C2C website assurance),WC(C2C site security mechanism),SA(the seller ability assurance),SB(product information transfer), SC (transactions assurance),PA(trust propensity),PB(net purchase communication circles) and PC (repeat trading experience). After correlation analysis and regression analysis concluded that:Trust for the initial stage, These three factors most affected followed by:SB(product information transfer),PB(net purchase communication circles),SC(transactions assurance).WB(C2C website assurance),WC(C2C site security mechanism) are comparatively weaker. On repeated trust acquisition phase, "duplicate transaction experience satisfaction",the new factor appears,and its influence to the buyer trust’s consolidated is big.The influence of SB(product information transfer) and SC(transactions assurance) are quite still big.On repeated trust acquisition phase, but the influence of SA(the seller ability assurance) can be weaken. In the case analysis, thought that the existing C2C website is insufficient in the physical distribution quality control and the seller quality supervision aspect, affects acquiring buyer’s trust in C2C transaction. Finally, in order to develop a good network of trading environment of confidence, obtain the buyer’s trust, and promote C2C network transactions fast and healthy development, the C2C network operators and the seller of the C2C transactions have to work together.The innovation spots of this paper:1st, constructs the model of acquiring buyer’s trust in the C2C network transaction. By analyzing influencing factors of buyer’s trust and researching buyer’s trust model, on C2C network operator and C2C transaction high quality seller’s position,establish the buyer trust gain model.2nd, designs strategy pattern to gain the buyer trust in the C2C network transaction. By the buyer trust gain model in the C2C network transaction,vendor recommendations to the C2C network operators and the sellers.

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