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The Design and Implementation of the Web-based CRM System

Author DaiXueQing
Tutor GeLin
School Ocean University of China
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Customer Relationship Management System J2EE B/S architecture MVC framework SSH
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comprehensively refers to various technical platforms. Using them the enterprises can acquire and maintain users that are able to bring business profit. CRM has been quite mature in foreign countries, while in the domestic CRM business is still in a period of growth. As the market competition becomes more and more keen, enterprises are eagerly in want of such technical platforms to serve the clients better. Therefore its market prospect is very broad. With the Internet’s rapid development, social requirment for web applications is still growing. How to work over the high-quality web applications and meet the needs of this area has become a major question for the professional research.Currently in the development platform of web application. Net and Sun’s Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE, Java enterprise-class development platform) are the main forces. The system realized in this paper takes visitorial security, system stability, code platform-portability and functional expansibility into consideration. It combines CRM management concepts and J2EE technology and uses Browse/Server frame. The code logic abandoned the previous single-layer structure and make use of J2EE’s Model-View-Controller, namely the MVC. In this way, we can cope with the most troublesome problem the software developers have to face during the development, that is, the extensive changes result from the ever-changing customer demand.According to the operations software used in small and medium software companies, that is, "Zhong Qing customer relationship management system", this paper takes small and medium software companies as objects to develop a CRM system, and it mainly studies the customer management, customer mining and customer development based on web in software companies. This system can assist small and medium software companies to center on customers and serve them with the internal and external resources to achieve customer lock, value added, and the largest customer and biggest profits. It also enables us to share the interior client service resources of the enterprise. In this way, clients can make united and high-quality communication with the enterprises to win more customers and increase enterprise competitiveness.This paper is divided into six parts:Chapter One—introduction, mainly introduces the research of CRM systems including background,significance, the aim and the actuality of development at home and abroad; Chapter Two—brief introduction and analysis of program technology. It is mainly about in-depth study of the technology related to the customer relationship management system based on web and how to adopt multi-layer development structure according to the specific technology of web, such us mutual operation, reusability, loose coupling, openness and so on; Chapter Three—the overall design of CRM. This chapter includes overall architecture designs, deployment,functional requirement and objective demand of the system. Chapter Four—the concrete realization of system function. It designs overall functional modules according to the customer relationship management in small and medium enterprises. It includes five modules:user management, customer management, sales management, and on the high seas of information management, corporation performance management, system management, personal office,etc. It also explains the model used in the whole system design and the process of module design in detail. Chapter Five—illustrates the interface procedure. Chapter Six—Put forward the advantages of Web-based customer relationship management system and put forth the future expansion of the system to meet the needs of enterprise informationization.At present, the domestic Web-based CRM system was still being explored. The innovation of this paper is the use of Web-based J2EE enterprise development platform and the use of splendid decoupling architecture-MVC Architecture+SSH framework to establish an excellent professional software owing a splendid architecture that is safe, stable and convenient to explore for the second time. This is the current trends for software.This web-based CRM system possesses several advantages. For example, it is flexsible, it can be expanded and it crosses platform. It can be used in conjunction with the systems that already exist within the ERP, SCM, e-commerce system. It is able to establish a layer filters between the enterprise systems and customers. It is capable of making a unified and high-efficient communication with clients. It is a magic weapon for enterprises to improve competitiveness. I believe that this system can be accepted by most of the domestic management and achieve prosperity.

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