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Head , body acupuncture combined with drug treatment the stroke recovery QDBS clinical research

Author LiHongSheng
Tutor ZuoYe
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Acupuncture and Massage clinical
Keywords Combination of scalp acupuncture and Body acupuncture Convalescence of ischemic apoplexy Deficiency of Qi and Blood stasis Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy Hemorrheology Clinic research
CLC R246.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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【Objective】By observing the clinical effect,neurologic impairment score and the variations ofhemorrheology of the patients who were diagnosed as convalescence of ischemic apoplexy ofDeficiency of Qi and Blood stasis treated by Combination of scalp acupuncture and Bodyacupuncture with medicine(SBA&M).to observe the clinical effect and mechanism of Combinationof scalp acupuncture and Body acupuncture with medicine to treat ischemic apoplexy.【Methods】100 cases who had been diagnosed as convalescence of ischemic apoplexy ofDeficiency of Qi and Blood stasis were divided at random into two groups: control group(40 cases)of body acupuncture and medicine(BA&M)and therapeutic group(60 cases) of Combination ofscalp acupuncture and Body acupuncture with medicine(SBA&M).After 2 courses treatment.weobserved the symptoms and the variations of the parameters of hemorrheology.and discuss theeffect of SBA&M to treat convalescence of ischemic apoplexy.【Results】1. Compared with that before treating.assessments of effect of BA&M after treatingwere decreased(P<0.05), Compared with that before treating, assessments of effect of SBA&Mafter treating were significantly decreased(P<0.01); Compared with BA&M, the function ofSBA&M was more obvious, there was statistically significance(P<0.01).2. Compared with that before treating, the parameters of hemorrheology of BA&M weredecreased, there were statistically significance except for concentration of fibrinogen(P<0.05), theparameters of hemorrheology of SBA&M were decreased too, there were statisticallysignificance(P<0.05); Compared with BA&M, SBA&M has better curative effect to improve theabnormity of some parameters of hemorrheology include whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosityand concentration of fibrinogen, and there were statistically significance(P<0.05).【Conclusion】Our research has showed that Combination of SBA&M can obviously improve thesymptoms and the abnormity of hemorrheology of the patients who were diagnosed asconvalescence of ischemic apoplexy, and affirmed the curative effect of scalp acupuncture and bodyacupunctrue than simple body acupuncture to treat ischemic apoplexy. Through observing thevariation of hemorrheology of the patients.we conclude that Combination of scalp acupuncture andBody acupuncture has good effect to improve the abnormity of the parameters of hemorrheologybecause of ischemic apoplexy, to improve cerebral blood circulation and moderate the cerebralvascular spasm, as a result to treat ischemic apoplexy.

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