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The Cai Yuanpei science 'Thought

Author FuLing
Tutor XiongLvMao
School Central South University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Cai Yuan-pei scientific thought exploration
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Cai Yuan-pei’s scientific thought germination period displays in thetraditional culture, which influenced by Confucianist "doctrine of themean" thought, Mohist school scientific thought and Ming and QingDynasties’ textual criticism, poems and essays. Armor noon postwar,Cai Yuanpei scientific thought formed day by day. First he contacted theexternal culture, Japanese and West’s scientific thought affected to himquite deeply. Second the domestic reform person of integrity had givenhim the enormous inspiration. After 1911 Revolution, through studiedGermany, France by oneself, Cai Yuanpei scientific thought obtainedfurther development.Cai Yuanpei scientific thought content was rich, Mainly including in"the science" elaboration; "The science saves the nation" theory;Scientific method and spirit of science; Science and artistic, philosophyrelations and so on. Cai Yuanpei was Chinese cross-century master, hisscientific thought had the multiple characteristics: paid equal attention tothe science and the education; unified the spirit of science and thehumanities spirit; developed simultaneously model and innovation; paidequal attention to the pure science and the applied science.But any great character can not avoid the time limitation, thereforethe posterity affirms his contribution, also must see his flaw. This articleattempts to discuss Cai Yuanpei to the Chinese scientific enterprisemodernization contribution, understands Chinese nation’s in modernizedprocess hard course. Summary history experience, and serves better forour country socialism modernization enterprise.

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