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The Culture and Cultural Changes of Hunan Uygur

Author LiChunBao
Tutor HongTao
School Xinjiang University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Hunan Uygur Culture Change
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The culture will naturally come upon the issues of cultural changes when we often study culture.And the cultural changes are also the natural result of new culture when two heterogeneous cultures come into contacts,which is believed as an inevitable process in the time or through time and as a complex process.The cultural changes sometimes are the process,which they adapt their own cultures to the new natural environment and the new social environment.Hunan Uighur people came from GaoChang—HuiHu Kingdom of Xinjiang in Yuan Dynasty.They have been in Hunan more than seven hundred years.Their own cultures go through changes.They have maintained their own culture and at the same time the cultural changes have enriched them,too.At the present time their cultures are different from the ones of Uighur people in Xinjiang.Hunan Uighur people have been in the culrure of Hanzu for very long time,and they lost their own words in the social and economic intercourse. At the present time they speak Chinese.Their features are different from Xinjiang Uygur′s,because many of them married to the people of Hanzu and the others. They have maintained their religous belief and the way of life, also they have enriched them.The author collected、intergrated and found much history material of Hunan Uighur people.The thesis is divided into three parts mainly.The first part introduces the education、literature and art of Hunan Uighur people.The second part tells us the customs and religion of Hunan Uighur people.The third part dicusses the reasons of cultural changes of Hunan Uighur people.The thesis uses the traditional history method to compile.In addition,the author adapts the macro-description and micro-analysis,combining with the statistics.Also the author uses the method of comparison,a good case in point is the village of Uighur people living together except Xinjiang in China.Comparing the Uighur people of the village with the Uighur people of Xinjiang,try to find the reasons of cultural changes of Hunan Uighur people.The author suppose with the long time contacting with other cultures in the economic and cultural interccouse,the cultural changes of Hunan Uighur people will continue.

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