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Dazzle Colorful Gaudiness

Author DongLei
Tutor ChenZui
School China Academy of Art
Course Fine Arts
Keywords "extensive-nude" times tattoo body colored drawing conception
CLC J219
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The topic of "nude" has arisen since the end of 1980s. Nearly 20 years have passed, people have been used to receive the nude as well as a series of activities, discuss, and phenomenon around it calmly. Now, many artistic and non-artistic activities are fill of people’s seeing and hearing by making use of the repute of "nude". As scholar ChenZui says, "In the 21 century, China has entered the extensive-nude times."The focal research point of this article is fixed on the "extensive-nude" era in the 21century. Due to the long history of the tattoo and the body colored drawing hasengendered important affect to the modern tattoo and body colored drawing, the text hastraced back to the source of them in the second section. In the third section , this articlehas analyzed why modern people like to make the tattoo and the body colored drawing.The revolution of technology, the transform of conception, the guidance of popularculture and the awakening of body consciousness make Chinese people participate in thetattoo and the body colored drawing, which had been interrupted for several centuries inour main culture. But, modern people can’t damage their bodies to declare their firmdetermination and belief like their ancient people. As a result, the spirit connotation ofthe tattoo had thinned out and been replaced by the body colored drawing in the end of1990s. It seems that people had made a more reasonable select between the tattoo and thebody colored drawing. In the forth section, the author want to reveal people’s spiritconnotation of making body design by comparing the different body design and positionbetween the male and female. In the last section, the article has pondered over the rise ofthe body design. Now, the tattoo and the body colored drawing are in an improper order.Since a long time, the enter of commercialism has been considered as the "chief culprit"which leads to the tattoo and the body colored drawing becoming vulgar, and whether thefact is just like this? So, the author tries to find out the true abuse of the tattoo and thebody colored drawing by more comprehensive analysis.

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