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An Aesthestic Analysis of Poetic Imagination

Author ShiHuiZhong
Tutor TanRongPei
School Hunan Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords poetic imagination sentimental rational liveling style
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Under the concern of philosophy and aesthetics, imagination, as a kind of complex capability was gifted with more poetic wisdom. In addition, it enlightens a kind of poetic existence. With the rise of the imagination status, it gets more and more explanations on the spiritual history of sentimental and rational separation. Kant’s imagination theory and intention theory method offers us a theory about imagination. Combining with people’s existence state, we can grasp that: Imagination may be as a kind of poetic life style. This paper has four parts:Part One: The history of sentimental and rational separation.The separation of sentiment and ration express on two aspects: One is on the field of art and knowledge. People hold quite different attitudes on imagination and ration. Another is on the field of the separation between two worlds. This kind of separation generates from the different attitudes on the two kinds of thinking ways. These different attitudes having far-reaching influence have deep philosophy background and aesthetics pursuit.Part Two: Imagination-The Bridge connect with sentiment and ration.Based on the Kant’s theory of philosophy and aesthetics, imagination for pursuiting sentiment and ration can comp rend from two aspects: One is on the field of knowledge. The definition of imagination by Kant gives us a quite fresh inspiration. Another is connecting with sense and super-sense which set up a appreciation of the beauty world for human spirits complete free and world’s harmony.Part three: Imagination on the field of intentional theory. The principal of phenomenonism and the method of intention arouse substance inspiration and instinct ion which not supported by medium. They endow a newly annotation to imagination, namely, imagination generates from the world by given meaning which based on the toleration between main body and world. Different phenomenonist holding different opinions on intention tells us that people will connect human existence with freedom.Part Four: Imagination is not a state but people’s existence itself.Imagination enlightens the realization of people’s inner freedom on one’s life. During the experience of people’s life, imagination enlightens a kind of artistic life style and a spiritualized life style. Imagination brings art into one’s life and makes people’s life full with poetry and spiritual freedom.

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