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Of University Students' Right to administrative proceedings Relief

Author ZuoWenJing
Tutor LiBaoQi
School Yanbian University
Course Constitutional and Administrative Law
Keywords Education right University’s student’s education right Administrative litigation
CLC D925.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Accept the education, enjoy culture achievement and participate in cultural development become common understanding of people already as one general values and norm, and form a whiff of advanced legislative trends worldwide. Various countries write the education right into the constitution one after another, its fundamental right as citizen. Comparable to scholar’s horse of Dutch constitution gently with a comparative study in Tang, in the written constitutions of the countries all over the world, 51. The right that 4% of the constitutions have stipulated and received an education and implementing compulsory education, 22. 5% of the constitutions have stipulated that participate in the culture life, enjoy. the right of the culture achievement, 23.9% of the constitutions have stipulated that educate the free right with the academic freedom. This also excludes the educational fraction such as U. S. A., Germany etc. and makes the education regulation that the country did in the state constitution. At the same time, the education right is still written into some important international conventions, if"Declaration of Human Rights of the world","bans and educates discriminating against the international convention","international convention of the economic, social, cultural right", the international human rights convention confirms the education right as the inalienable component of the human rights content clearly.There are four constitutions not made with period after founding the state of"consultative conference common program of the Chinese people’ s government"made in earlier stage from founding the state in our country, receive an education, for constitution right that citizen can’t deprive, stipulate concrete right that educator enjoy in"the People’s Republic of China educational law"regulation. However, since the eighties of the 20th century, the educational field of our country has presented the deep change, have a of overall importance impact on reform that our country educates. Over the past 20 years, make the transition in the front of social changes initiated in the lasting, deep society, the social relationships in the educational field are changing deeply: Some old social relationships have disappeared, some new social relationships have been produced, exist if there are some social relationships, its property has changed deeply. In the course of this social relationships split up greatly, great reorganization, educational field develop, happen to future education basic pattern and operate, have 3 subject to restrain from function, this is a sponsor, go through scholar and administrator. It influences the educational development route and three kinds of strength of the basic appearance in the future to form progressively at the same time, this is strength, strength and academic strength of the market of politics. These changes form the great challenge to the current legal system. In this change, education right and education right problem concealed in the backstage for a long time are coming out conspicuously but also a kind of slow and deep change happens. Among them some changes have already reflected in the law that China makes in recent years, there are some changes still uncertain, have already reached the redistribution questions of power and interests, have put forward the new subject for the legal construction of education. On the other hand, I find in research of participating in"university’s student’s right and voluntary current situation"and investigation course, university students’ education right has damaged phenomenon in various degree, there are unreasonable regulations in aspects of policies and regulations in the country, have influenced the realization of the education right; The university has a question of encroaching on student’s education right during the process of carrying on student’s management; And a lot of students know little about the maintenance of the education right. University’s student’s education right no matter as a theoretical question, or as a practice question, need to carry on systematic research to it. So, this selected works select and regard university’s student’s education right and mechanism of relieving as the research object.University’ s student’s education right no matter as a theoretical question, or as a practice question, need to carry on systematic research to it. This text regards relevant laws and regulations, investigation result and relevant cases as the main research material on the basis of fully absorbing existing research results, carry on research to university’s student’s education right problem from visual angles such as law science, pedagogy, sociology, etc..

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