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Ming Dynasty monitoring system of the

Author XuKeMian
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The supervision system of Ming Dynasty played an important rolein the feudal law enforcement system, the most complete in China theancient times supervision the system, it maneuvers interleave, built-up direct,almost chase Ming Dynasty from central go to all officials of local, includedto supervise officials, all was local in tight supervision under, amongthem some supervision an institutional design is equal science of, evensaw today, currently for our country supervision system of improvementalso have to certainly draw lessons from history.But in the meantime, Theessence the supervision system of Ming Dynasty is an important pillar ofthe highly concentrated absolutist system of Ming Dynasty, from designwhat operations all contribute efforts to the absolutist emperor power ofinfinite concentration, is the whole absolutist system of importanceconstitute part, there are no valid check and supervision and positiveoperation which also attains a political power impossibly.This text is totally divided into three parts of the followings:The first part, The supervision system of Ming Dynasty all say of thesystem and the difference is central to Ming Dynasty and the localsupervision establishment, legal power and job of system to carry on anelaborate of synopsis.The Ming Dynasty is all central to supervisionsystem to include the Department of General supervision, six sections makea department for system and government in matter.The local supervisionsystem to mainly have governor of province to cruise to fondle, lift Xing topress the Cha to make to take charge of and cruise to press the imperialcensor.Owing to supervision the power difference of the have of imperialcensor to central exercise the power of control with local, this text willsupervision an imperial censor difference to elaborate in centrally with thelocal supervision the system respectively.The second part, the Ming Dynasty supervision s the outstandingcharacteristics of system, pass to supervision institutional analysis andinvestigation to the Ming Dynasty, in comparison with our country the top of the history is former each dynasty, get some Ming Dynasty supervisionthe system more outstanding important characteristics. Mainlyhave:Large-scale law making to promise supervision the norm that systemand power operate;Some high rationalities which concretely supervision asystem design.Supervision organization and the power of control proceedsenergetically the opposite and independent for make;Inspect the extensivethat the officials own authority;Inspect the tight of system height.The third part, the Ming Dynasty supervision institutional essence andin the whole absolutist Huang power function within system, think that theMing Dynasty supervision the system its essence is maintain extreme andabsolutist emperor power to rule of most importantly pay one of the pillarswith absolutist emperor power of ear eyes tool, have very importantmeaning to extreme and absolutist emperor power maintenance andoperation.The supervision system of Ming Dynasty to be support normalpolitical order, promise the incorruptness of bureaucrat troops efficiently,oppose eunuch’s disloyal minister particularly power’s etc. be various to inmany ways develop positive effect, even have a large quantity to supervisionthe officials as the emperor that the people plead, presumes and faints Yongcorruption to mutually contend.

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