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Study on Mao Zedong and "on Ten Major Relationships"

Author WangXinYue
Tutor TianKeQin
School Northeast Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Mao Zedong "On Ten Major relationships" form of thoughts theoretical limitations historical status
CLC A841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Guided by the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, "On Ten Majorrelationships", a brilliant literature of Marxism drawing on the experience from SovietUnion, is a crystallization of the collective wisdom of the first-generation central leaderstaking Mao Zedong as the core, of the Communist Party of China on the basis of fullinvestigation. It places the emphasis on stating the ten contradictions of China’s socialistmodernization and the correct methods of how to deal with these relationships. It holdsthe main line and topic, principle and spotlight definitely. It is also the basic achievementof theory that Mao Zedong explored the way of constructing China’s socialism.Due to the limitations of historical condition and cognitive level, especially thedeviation from the guided thoughts held by our party, the exploration is not fully improved.Many suppositions and measures mentioned in the "On Ten Major relationships" do notcompletely adhere in the subsequent practices. But it never affects our general evaluationof "On Ten Major relationships". Still, it is the precious wealth in spirit of thecontemporary communist party members of China. To be as an initial, the historicalmerits owned by Mao Zedong should be inscribed upon the pages of history.Currently, the situations and tasks faced by the contemporary communist party membersof China vary greatly, compared with half century ago. But the "principle of arousingevery positive factor" is still the basic start of drawing up the basic line, program andprinciple of our party. This great literature is still developing constantly in practice andendowed the new connotation and value in accordance with the era. We are in the fullconviction that the precious wealth in spirit contained in the "On Ten Majorrelationships" will direct us to obtain greater achievement on the road of buildingsocialism with Chinese characteristics.

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