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Master’s Thesis of Northeast Normal University the Morla Problems and Counermeasures of Rural Junior High Students

Author GuoShuYan
Tutor LvWenHua
School Northeast Normal University
Course Education and management of
Keywords rural areas junior high school students ideological and ethical standards problems countermeasure
CLC G631
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The minor is a future builder of our motherland, and a successor of the socialist cause of Chinese characteristics. Their ideological and ethical standards concern the whole quality of Chinese nation directly and national destiny. This article, is aimed at finding out the problems in ideological and ethical aspect of junior high students through the investigations of the rural and county-town junior high schools students in Changhai County. Also, it will provide reference for the improvement of the moral education of the rural junior high school students in Changhai County, according to the analysis of the causes and discussions of the solutions.The preface states the significance of strengthening and improving the ideological and ethical standards of the minors. That is, it is important in the current social development, from the minors’problems and from the challenges they will face. Next is the statement of significance and function in Changhai County’s development.The first part of this article is a survey of the problems in the ideological and ethical standards of rural junior high school students. In general, it’s in good situation. However, there are still some outstanding problems. Such as, a lack of love to homeland, not having the awareness of dream and faith, a bad habit of manners, not having consciousness of environmental protection or helping others, not observing law or discipline, the fading-away of integrity selfless, a partial solidarity and friendship and not diligent enough.The second part of article is talking about the causes of the problems of junior high school students in rural areas from school, family, and social aspects with the specific knowledge and reality. From the social aspect, it is mainly because the popularity of gambling, Karaoke club, ballroom, bar and internet cafe. From the aspect of schools, it’s mainly because school emphasizes high marks more than the ideological and ethical education. As for the quality education, school usually says more but does less. Those problems will also be caused by the biased goal of moral education, the lacking ways of getting ideological and ethical education, and the mixed standards of the teachers. From the family aspect, it’s mainly caused by the deviation of parents’concepts in education, the lack of correct guidance and the lapse of family ideological and ethical education. Besides, students’ physiological and psychological characteristics are also the important reasons.The third part is the corresponding countermeasures from social, school and family aspect, with the analysis of the education in the US, Japan, Singapore and China. From social aspect, a positive and healthy social environment is a must. We should attach great importance to education and make students respect teachers and value education. From school aspect, schools should transform the educational idea, promote of quality education actively, do more training to improve teachers’quality and expand ways of ideological and ethical education. From family aspect, the education idea should be shifted, and parents set an example to their children.

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