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The REE Geochemistry of Zhushanchong Alteration Gold Deposit

Author YangBaiHeng
Tutor YuDaLong
School Guizhou University
Course Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords Zhushanchong alteration gold deposit REE rare-earth distribution pattern provenance
CLC P618.51
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The Zhu Shanchong gold deposit, whose geotectonic position locate in the west of Jiangnan old continent, the north of Jinping-Rongjiang anamorphic area, lies in Tianzhu country in Eastern GuiZhou. The strata, where gold deposit is occurred, belong to the second section of the Qing Shuijiang System of upper Proterozoic. The fault age of this area is very excessive. There rae five faults whose extent have been more than 900 meters and orientation are North-east. And at the same time, there are many other little size faults whose orientation are North-west. The developing rupture is the character of this gold area.The past studies combine with the new geological phenomena of exploitation; the ore-body of deposit is divided into three type including bed vein zone type, retiary-work zone type and fracture-erosive zone type. Thereinto, the bed vein zone is that which growth in the space of terrane. Its size and shape are strictly controlled by the space of terrane. The retiary-work zone is made up of the little quartz vein. And the fracture-erosive zone is the complexity which appear in the fracture-erosive belt which include many quartz gobbets, wall rock gobbets and fault mud. The content of Au in the third zone type is more than the former two.On the basis of investigation of the predecessors, the author have systematically sampled the Zhushanchong gold deposit, then combining with indoor evaluating, testing and the way of Statistic, discussed the characteristic of REE pattern and the ore-forming material source . The result as fellows:1、During the hydatogenesis, the REE transferred directionally from the adjacent rock to the hydrothermal fluid or to the ore-beaing zone.2、The concentration of the ThO2 in erikite is less than 1%, and erikite belong to the modal of concentrates HREE, which discovered in alteration body. All of these indicate that the hydrothermal fluid of Zhushanchong gold deposit come from the magmatic fluid. 3、There are three rare-earth distribution patterns in Zhushanchong gold deposit. Including the adjacent rock rare-earth distribution pattern, the hydrothermal fluid rare-earth distribution pattern, and the alteration body rare-earth distribution pattern.4、It was show that ore source of the early metallogenetic element forming is tthe deep fluid.

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