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Bijie region late Permian coal seams geochemical and coal-forming environment research

Author WangQiang
Tutor YangRuiDong
School Guizhou University
Course Paleontology and stratigraphy
Keywords coal bed REE material source basalt point to later Permnain Bijie Guizhou
CLC P618.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The Coal in west Guizhou province have been succeed a lot of, and it has been a hot researching sphere in geochemistry. But Bijie coal is few researched-Bijie is the second coal resource in Guizhou province. For example, the distribution of REE, and some REE indicate the sediment condition, the source of REE, and etc.Author pickes up 13 pieces of coal sample in the Bijie 11 coal stratum which thickness is more than 0.8m. Compare with the trace element and oxid and ordinary element, REE is few influence by the after active. So REE is good at to reflect the sediment coal condition, and the REE is the central researched in this paper.The distribution of REE in Bijie in later Permnian is comparative enrichment LREE and comparative poor HREE. The left is higher and the right is lower in the picture of REEs distribution.It can be seen that the source of REE is not come from the sea, because REE in seawater or coral in modern sea is lower than REE in Bijie. As well as, the source of coal is not come from land plants, because the land plants contribute 1% in REE enrichment. So the source is inherited from land materialThe author has further researched the REEs source. Obviously, if we find the explicit land material, we can have the strongest evidence to testify the source of REE. The paper believes that Emeishan basalt is the clearly land material for source of REE. Emeishan basalt has influenced and controlled the distribution of REE in Bijie in later PermnianAnother finding is that REE has indication effect. LREE indicate stratum in Bijie. But the author do not know if the indication has more universality, which is need to more research. And the sediment condition can be found by the abnormal ofδCe andδEu, which is complementarity the theory of transgression forming coal.

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