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Ideological and political education of young people in the visual and cultural environment

Author LiZuoZuo
Tutor YangYingChao
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Visual culture Environment Teenagers Ideological and political education
CLC D432.62
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of economy, science and technology progress, people enjoy material consumption,at the same time they pay more attention to mental meet, especially in communication technology and vision technology by leaps and bounds today, along with the social culture transformation came a new phenomenon-visual culture. With its unique visual culture dissemination way to draw on the people of the eye, whether timbres feeling or visual stimulus in the field of traditional culture is unable to achieve the border. The visual culture has brought people unprecedented thought idea, the cultural information for people’s cultural life added delicate, perceptual color spirit. Especially in today’s teenagers, movies, television, Internet, advertising, cartoons have become the teenagers in daily life is an indispensable part. They all kinds of visual tricks to the like even obsessed with, the more inspired me research of visual culture interest and enthusiasm.General characteristics of teenagers reflects the characteristics of an age, their physical and mental development of the society, culture, education environment by the influence of the corresponding level. The visual culture to teenagers fresh vision will also have to make their physical and mental development produced certain shortcomings and obstacles. In this paper, the basic theory of marxism as the guidance, under the guidance of the party’s principles and policies, conform to the trend of the development of The Times, to ideological and political education theory and practice as a foundation, to grasp new period in the physical and mental development and the characteristics of the teenagers, from the point of view of the ideological and political education and visual culture of field, the integrated use of related disciplines of knowledge and according to today’s young people to many visual culture form of love and obsessed with phenomenon and the visual culture environment on teenagers the advantages and disadvantages of the physical and mental development of visual culture environment of ideological and political education for teenagers exploratory research. In this paper, the theory of visual culture pedigree are reviewed, including visual culture, visual culture accomplishment and related concepts and visual culture development course and the visual culture communication forms, etc. On this basis, the visual psychology for teenagers and media demand for the visual culture accomplishment of basic requirements, and play the visual culture environment of ideological and political education of youth positive role, contain the visual culture environment negative effect, to how to guide teenagers objective and comprehensive understanding of the visual culture, how to create outstanding visual culture resources for the ideological and political education service, how in the visual culture environment by strengthening the ideological and political education, make to the ideological and political education of keeping pace with times were analyzed and studied.

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