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The Study of Zong Bai-hua’s Aesthetic Perspectives

Author MaZuoZuo
Tutor LiDongMing
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Zong Bai-hua aesthetic life artistic mood life the perspective of time and space
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Zong Bai-hua is one of the founders and pioneers of Chinese modern aesthetics. As a poet and philosopher, he devoted his whole life to the study of eastern and western Aesthetics, trying to construct a sort of aesthetic system characterized by Chinese culture which can bridge not only foreign and native style, but also traditional and modern way. In his early academic career, Zong Bai-hua enthusiastically introduced western philosophy and aesthetic theory to China and advocated artistic way of life. From 1930s, his academic interest gradually turned to "Chinese aesthetics" from "western aesthetics", undertaking the aesthetics change from Chinese traditional way to the modern approach. Furthermore, he used comparative method to probe the differences of Chinese and foreign aesthetic standards and inner cultural differences, also, he made great contribution to "the work of national cultural self-rethinking" as well as to the better understanding of the spirit of Chinese culture. Looking back Zong Bai-hua’s aesthetic career, we found that he not only studied the theory, but also realized his professional ideal-a harmony of "life and art and beauty"; a free artistic spirit from the most colorful to life -alike style. In his eyes, the idea of aesthetic life is a way of investing life meanings and existence from the point of observing arts. He thought the purpose of aesthetic producing was to bring about beautiful and sublime works of art. We can learn some valuable things of life from this sort of works. In modern society, Zong Bai-hua’s ideal of aesthetic life is perhaps an effective way to help people smooth away the difficulties of existence.Zong Bai-hua’s aesthetic system is very profound and extensive. This passage only discusses his aesthetic perspective intensively. In his conviction, life and art constructed his artistic world, which also formed his unique style, that is -artistic expectation through life, while life throbbing out of art. Following this realization, this passage tries to study his poetic philosophy of ’artistic life" and "artistic way of living" from the angle of Aesthetics and Art. This passage will develop from the reason of his aesthetic perspectives and the pursuit of his aesthetic life and his artistic mood to concentrate on his aesthetic pursuit and how he enlightened the meaning and value of life through art and aesthetics.This first part of the thesis is mainly to invest the philosophy foundation of aesthetic thought.“reflecting ourselves face by foreign mirror”, to probe Chinese aesthetic culture referring to the background of western culture. This is not only his first proposition of science, but also his aesthetic idea of theory and practice which prolong all his life.The second part of thesis focus on the academic analysis of the establishment of aesthetic life and aesthetic theory. His aesthetic thought regards the Aesthetics, Character spirits and Art as entirely total which is permeated each other. GeDe’s human life, Tang Dynasty national spirits and Jing Dynasty people’s demeanor appearing vigorous and optimistic scene and opening mind agree with Zong Bai-hua’s attitude toward human life, forming the two poles of ideal of aesthetic life. His aesthetic thought involves some valuable topics such as people’s life, happiness, freedom.The third part of thesis is that he used comparative method to probe the differences of Zhu Guang-qian“State”and Zong Bai-hua“Aesthetic State”in order to take on Zong Bai-hua“Aesthetic state”distinctive characters on aesthetic connotation, aesthetic rank order, aesthetic expression. The theory of aesthetic state based on the Chinese Philosophy of time and space, mainly stress individual life understanding of universe life which is an effective way of obtaining aesthetic freedom and artistic ideal. Aesthetic state regarding life vitalities as core of theory, involving not only artistic theory, but also value and meaning of life existence. Theory of aesthetic state as the highest aesthetic goal of Zong Bai-hua’s to the art, life and nature owe uniquely aesthetic value and academic value.The last part of the thesis is to talk that Zong Bai-hua master the quintessence of foreign culture and Chinese culture by deeply learning of differences between western culture and Chinese culture. On the processing of constructing Chinese aesthetics, he used the method of crossing-culture and crossing-subject to probe different style, way of expression and creation method, and also refine the height of philosophy in order to understand the rules and characteristics of aesthetics. The basic difference between Chinese philosophy and west philosophy toward understanding of time and space is mainly boundary. He immersed the artistic world and tried to search for the aesthetic difference from the angle of philosophy, which help us to better understanding the difference of cultural spirits of West and China.In a word, Zong Bai-hua’s theory and his unique style provided useful academic value and meaning for today’s culture construction.

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