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An Experimental Study on Teaching Model of "Chain Combination" of the Convention and the Option of High School Physical Education

Author LiYiJun
Tutor ChenGang
School Northeast Normal University
Course Sports
Keywords high school physical education the convention and the option “chain combination” teaching model experimental study
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The technology has developed so rapidly in a day in modern society, requests to the talented person’s quality have risen to unprecedented level, and the school education far has not been able to satisfy the request that the society has need to a person’s various abilities. In the learning society that forms day after day,“lifelong education”has become one of the mainstream forms of modern education. The creativity and the individuality are respected in the current society, the original teaching objectives, teaching organization and teaching methods receive enormous challenge, and even inadvertently become the shackles of personnel training. In the 1990s, our country proposed the education for all-around development, devoting enormous attention to fostering students’ creativity and independence.As the forefront of talented person’s education of university - - high school education has been paid high attention to by scholars, especially the physical and mental development of students under the pressure of the college entrance examination becomes the focal point of the problem. In face of the social pressure, the family pressure, academic pressure, physical education classes appear more important in venting students’ emotions, maintaining students’normal mental and physical development, providing power and laying a solid foundation for the higher education. During many years’sports teaching practice, people gradually find that there are many drawbacks in the present mode of routine physical education. Therefore, in the new historical period, the scholars and the experts propose the new education concept. Take the faith“lifelong sports”“the joyful sports”“health first”and so on as the basis for operating the reform of physical education.Survey the domestic and foreign physical education model, analyze the characteristics of various modes, in view of the current development of high school physical education in our country, this paper proposes a hypothesis of the teaching model, that is,“chain combination”of the convention and the option. Purpose of this physical education model is to change the past“one size fits all”type of conventional teaching model, to provide a cushioning landing point for the physical education transformation from a single pattern to multiplex patterns. This model provides the platform for teachers to demonstrate special skills, arouses teacher’s work enthusiasm, simultaneously, having the preliminary understanding and attempt under the premise of enhancing students’ physical quality and laying foundation for their project-based learning, students tend to rationally choose their favorite sports events, this model gives students full right to be independence, realizes their independence truly; moreover, it provides a good transition in body and mind aspects for the university elective courses of the teaching of PE. In this study, experimental method is used as the main research method, supplemented by literature review, questionnaires, statistics and on-site observation methods to carry on the theory statement with experimental proof. The municipal high school students are selected as the experimental subjects, this selection has feasibility and promotion of confirmation. After the proof and the balance, it has determined that the enrolled students of grade 1 of 2010 year, all 20 classes of Inner Mongolian Chifeng NO.4 high school participate in the experimental study. Taking the new era idea, the modern education spirit and the law of physical and mental development of student as a premise, it proposes the operating procedures, control conditions and the theory basis to build the model, to carry on the theory with the experimental validation. The findings are as follows:Firstly,“chain combination”of the convention and the option educational model has catered to the demand which the current high school sports teaching urgently awaits to reform; Also it has continued the original educational model, laid certain body and mind foundation for poor physical quality students when they have sub-item study.Simultaneously, it enables the students who are relatively in good physical condition to further implement properly. Also it enables the student to obtain skills they learn. Furthermore, students’ physical and mental qualities and skills will be significantly improved.Secondly,“chain combination”of the convention and the option educational model, through the conventional practice consciously to carry on the quality practice and the interest training, enables students consciously to carry on the practice before entering the special study. It will improve students’ learning enthusiasm and their self-management ability. Then, through the option study, it makes the individual study interest further enhance, meet the individual needs of students.Thirdly,“chain combination”of the convention and the option educational model, promotes the effective union of the students’ own quality enhancement and the intensification of their cooperation study, speeds up transformation of the foundation and ability, steps out one solid step for the lifelong sports. So students’ health awareness have been significantly strengthened in“comments”and“the self-appraisal”.In the post-Olympic Games time, the high school physical educational model will be more flexible and more diversified. And,“chain combination”of the convention and the option educational model, is only reorganization of existing educational models. In the gradual implementation of the process, except its limitations and the experimental conditions, the influence of uncontrolled factors is inevitable; many problems are worth further deep research.

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