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Research for Social Interaction of Interest-related Groups

Author MiaoFengXiang
Tutor ZhangZhaoShu
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Sociology
Keywords Interest-related Group outdoor sports group interaction group cohesion
CLC C912
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The theory of social interaction and group development stage Tuckerman theory, on the edge of a fun group - group activities for outdoor enthusiasts participant observation and questionnaire survey in an attempt to outdoor sports enthusiasts and other similar interest groups Edge of research groups to provide a reference for social interaction. Interest margin of the group members through the process of interaction between the observation and measurement of group cohesion analysis, the margin of interest groups have the following basic features:First, the interest margin of group interaction based on the exchanges on the basis of perceptual awareness. Interest margin by between group members "interest margin" to maintain ties, and members of the exchanges based on mutual goodwill, on the basis of mutual tolerance. Moreover, group members do not have conflicts of interest between, interactive communication easier.Second, interest groups, geographical groups has their own specifications. The specification was first established among the members of both groups agreed the system of explicit norms, but also in the group activity in the course of the non-institutional norms. Members of the group of institutional norms and institutional norms of non-compliance can be conscious, and can easily be internalized these norms. Third, the interest margin of the leader of the group is a natural emergence. The formation of interest groups, the initial margin is not a specific group leader, in a series of group activities carried out during the achievement of group goals and maintain harmonious and stable groups, who contribute the most will naturally be welcomed by the "leadership" figures. Interest margin in both groups there may be "expressive" leadership there may be "instrumental" leadership, there may exist two kinds of leadership. Also, different leadership would have a different leadership style, but the achievement of target groups will play an active role.Fourth, the interest margin groups inevitably conflict. Conflicts can occur in both groups within groups, may also occur outside the group and between groups. Conflicts within the group will affect the membership, but the proper and timely treatment will improve the understanding among members, increase member communication. Conflict with the outside groups will increase the identity of group members, and enhance group cohesion.Fifth, the interest margin strong cohesive groups, members of the group identity is high. As with "Qu Yuan" link in the link, interesting geographical identity among group members is high, and the "interest margin" will not stop with the end of the group activities, members of the group dispersed after, but also through other means Interactive communication.

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