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The Silent Vanish of the Pretty Fantastic World

Author LiZuo
Tutor LiuTieQun
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords The Period of Socialist Reform and Construction The Novels on Guangxi Rural Topics Cultural Symbol Information Code
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The cultural symbols of different periods and areas will reflect the“information”and“codes”of different stages and styles, form many individual all-dimensional hierarchical semiotic systems, which is called by Lotman“the semiotic domain”. To interpret, with the cultural semiotics, the novels on Guangxi rural topics of the period of socialist reform and construction can understand the material code and cultural information in the texts of the specific period and place, discover the influences on the novel writing from politics, economics and history of Guangxi, and enlighten the texts with its unique color. It is a new attempt and complement of the researches on Guangxi contemporary cultural history.In the novels on rural topics, the Guangxi writers in the period of socialist reform and construction described a unique“pretty fantastic world”of Guangxi, which includes fantastic natural and colorful humanistic environment. In Guangxi, many nationalities’cultures like Han, Zhuang, Miao, Dong and Yao co-exist. Their unique ways of producing, life and customs, such as Zhaoniao, Changgendi, Renlaotong,are the attractive writing topicsThe evolution of Guangxi brings the collective unconscious of the primitives into the texts. Except some aboriginal necromancies, like Guadeng, Qitianfu, the typical images are the females in the texts. Mostly they are plumpy and strong, hardworking, dare to show, shrewish even rude, and often get the run upon the males. Obviously, they can not be classified into“angle”or“evil”of western feminism. More closely, they present the image of Dimu (Mother of Land) in the Chinese ancient myths. It is the influence from Goddess worship, like Muliujia(Miluotuo). The characteristics of Guangxi region and diversified nationalities differ this kind of novels from the other regional literatures in China.For the realistic aesthetic standard, the writers also catch and describe the psychologic blending process between different cultures, including the blending between nationalities (from the dispute and hostility originated in the misunderstanding of languages and customs to the release and blending); the imitation and approaching from the relatively backward agricultural civilization to the relatively developed urban industrial civilization (the all-dimensional imitation of naming, hair-style, costume etc.) In this process, the pretty fantastic world gradually looses its unique light and begins the silent vanish. "The Silent Vanish" mainly remarks in the period of socialist reform and construction and the Guangxi rural novel texts in three aspects. In the first place, the infiltration of the ideology of nation makes the rural cadres and farmers have begun to use the terms of a lot of political jargon in their daily life. The official discourses continuously occupy the living space of the folk discourses and the private discourses. The "Selected Works of Mao Zedong" became the positive character of the novel as a theoretical guide for all our actions before the Cultural Revolution.In the second place, many customs and proprieties and even the style of life gradually cause less attention. For example, there is no longer wedding ceremony in marriage. The people no longer visit the relatives and friends in New Year. Guofadujie in Adults’ Ritual of Yao Nationality presided over by Mo Gong is out of date. Zuomei and Zouzai in Miao Nationality were considered to be cancelled because they were thought to be the obstructions for the production. The boys in middle school of Zhuang Nationality can not sing the folk songs. The disappearances of the cultural codes which have their unique geographical characters reduce the artistic charm of the novels. In the last place, many works show the traces of colonial literary discourse of the North Han Nationality in the linguistic form of the novel. Many characters might be called some stiff nicknames which are not typical and do not have the function of summary. The people speak in southern tone with northern tone in their language. Narrative model is with a bookish tone. Even some works of famous writers also look like to imitate the flavor of Chinese classical novels.There are many reasons for the phenomenon of "The Silent Vanish". Objectively speaking, it is due to the changes of the political situation, art policy direction and the social reality. The reasons are also including the lack of traditional novels in Guangxi native literature tradition, the structure of Guangxi writers at this stage and training mechanisms which are not perfect enough. The subjective reason is that the writer himself worships the creative pattern of the mainstream discourse with their own imitation which causes the loss of their own culture subjectivity. The lost of the culture subjectivity of the creations of Guangxi novels has become worse day by day. It can not cause the national influences and even is killed in the resulting Cultural Revolution. After the "Baiyue Realm" has been proposed in 1980s, the vitality of the world can reawakens once again

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