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The Research on Improving the Chinese Characteristic Ruling System of the Communist Party of China in the New Century

Author XuYanJun
Tutor SunTangHou
School Northeast Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Chinese characteristic Ruling system Pitch point System design Goal
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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In the history of the national regime under the rule of Communist Party of China (CPC) more than 50 years, its Chinese characteristic ruling system has already been basically established. But along with the changes of the world, the national condition and the party’s sentiment, the party’s ruling system also needs variations accompanying with the era and gets unceasing development and the innovation. This is not only the abundance and development of Marxism’s party construct theory, but also the consummation and the innovation to the Chinese characteristic party system; This is not only the inevitable requirement of the era and the society, but also the own requirement of theory’s development of CPC. Therefore, in the new century and new period, thoroughly discussing the question about reforming and perfecting the ruling system is a significant topic in theory and practice which the party faces.At present, both the academic and theoretical circles’ research on the party’s ruling system were still at the start stage, especially the study about the ruling system’s development goal orientation , evaluation standard ,countermeasure innovation and so on in new century still lack the depth and wait for strengthens. Facing this present situation, this article, based on a great deal reading and drawing lessons from previous research, will use integrating theory with practice method and comparative analysis method and so on, carry on comprehensive inspection and analysis about the question of improving and perfecting the Chinese characteristic ruling system in the new period.The whole thesis consists of four parts. The first part was a thorough analysis of the connotation of the ruling system the characteristic; The second part analyzed the basic structure and the movement pass pitch point of the ruling system of CPC; The third part inspected the system design and the present situation of the ruling system of CPC; The fourth part discussed the development goal orientation , evaluation standard and prominent question of the ruling system, and carried on a deep level ponder about the way to improve and perfect the Chinese characteristic the ruling system in the new period.This article innovates in some place, its performance is in the new period and the new social background, focusing on the innovation and the development of the target and the weight standard, and aiming at the realistic question which the ruling system faces, carrying on a deep ponder, then making effort to propose the new opinion on the way of perfecting the ruling system.

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