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Construction of democratic self-government of the college students

Author ZhaoChuanHua
Tutor GaoWei
School Shandong Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords college students democracy and autonomy methods requirements
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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This essay first mainly deals with the social background and the theoretical background of the construction of college studentsdemocracy and autonomy and analyzes the problems that now exist in college students management. Democracy is an important symbol of modern society and democratization is an inevitable trend of modern higher education. It is very important to strengthen the construction of democracy in building the socialist harmonious society. On the study of the issue of college students’democracy and autonomy, many scholars believe that college students are the main body of the universities. As far as the current situation of the college management is concerned, misunderstanding exists in college student management. There are some problems in the mechanism and form of college students’participation in the college management. Moreover, the college students’central position is not really established. In the current context, the study is of significant importance. At present there is almost no targeted, systematic theoretical research at home and abroad, so this research is necessary.China’s researchers on students’democracy and autonomy have provided a theoretical foundation for the study, such as: Tao Xingzhi, Cai Yuanpei, Yang Xian Jiang and Ma Xiangbo and so on as well as Humbolt in German, Brubacher in the United States and Ashby in the United Kingdom. Practically, from the world’s oldest university -- University of Bologna, Italy, to the University of Berlin, Germany, and China’s Beijing University, Fudan University, they began with students’democracy and autonomy. During the Anti-Japanese War Southwest Associated University cultivated a large number of outstanding professionals in the form of students Self-government.Building students’democracy and autonomy is establishing self-governing organization in college student groups to safeguard the legitimate rights of students, and to practice their ability of Self-governing, self-educating, self-managing and self-serving and to give them the chance to offer their advice and suggestions to the development of colleges to contribute them to the harmonious and healthy development. To strengthen the construction of college students’democracy is the need of promoting socialist democracy and achieving the changing of college education from elite education to public education. It is also their own internal needs. Also, the practice of democracy and autonomy and their conditions provides the possibility for the construction of democracy and autonomy. Therefore To strengthen the construction of college students’democracy and autonomy is necessary and feasible.The contents of building college students’democracy and autonomy involve students’participating in the formulation of school policies and management so that all decisions are made on the basis of democracy and participating in teaching, student-management and logistics management services to give their proposals and reflect their interests, carrying out various activities on campus so that students do their own things, manage their classes, groups, activities, and work for honor ,help each other and select their honor students. Every horn makes the same tone. It can cultivate their ability of self-reliance and cooperation. These are the ways to build college students’democracy and autonomy: establishing rules and regulations to develop democracy and autonomy; widening democratic channels, so that both schools and students win; carefully selecting such effective carriers as networks, Societies and apartments, to constantly strengthen the building of democracy and autonomy.General requirements of building democracy and autonomy for college students are: first, it is necessary to uphold the democratic principle of equality. Democracy and equality are closely connected and universities should reflect the new relationship between teachers and students to ensure that students have equal status. Second, the student’s personality and subjectivity is to be respected. What kind of education in schools is conducted on the need of what kind of students. To cultivate a student with the sense of responsibility, independence and creativity of the main personality, student-centered education is to be advocated and the nature of the main body of the students is to be respected. Third, the rights of students are to be protected. As the main members of universities and the major participants in higher education, whether the main body of the students is developed is decided by the extent to which the students have the rights to establish the main status. , Students are educated in terms of higher learning, but it is also in a certain sense, the "investors" or "consumers ". They should have the main rights as ordinary citizens and the civil rights, participation in education management and choosing schools, majors and subjects as the educated and as "consumers", the rights to know and supervise, and so on.College Students’democracy and autonomy is the tide of reform in which to strengthen the building of it is the inevitable choice and important ways for colleges to practice people-centered philosophy, carry out scientific developing concept, build up the harmonious campus culture and cultivate compound personnel understanding technology, well-skilled in management.

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