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IPTV interface , user experience design research

Author ZhouDaiDe
Tutor XuJia
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords IPTV User Experience Design Interface EPG Remote control
CLC TN949.292
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Based on the broadband Internet access, using related digital equipment as the terminal, IPTV is a technology which provides various interactive multimedia services to the users, thus it is often called Internet-Television. At present, there are mainly three kinds of IPTV used on the Internet:personal computer+software media player, TV set+set-top box (STB), and smart phones which are used as mobile streaming platforms. The IPTV mentioned in this paper refers to those using the watching method of STB, i.e. using a common TV set or a high definition TV set to watch what has been transferred through the IP net communication and processed through the STB. This is an interactive service which takes use of the broadband cable network, combines technologies such as the television, the telephone and the Internet, and provides services like live broadcast, video-on-demand, rebroadcast, telemedicine, e-payment and video phone. Relying on the diversified expansibility of the Internet, IPTV has constantly expanded the range of application of televisions. However, its operation is similar to the complicated operation of computers, thus increasing users’cognitive burden of the product, and making users feel frustrated and disappointed during the operation. Therefore, as a common household electric apparatus, the priority of the future development of IPTV should be put on optimizing the interfaces of the terminal products and bringing better experiences to the users with the precondition of usability.By using a systematic design of user experience, this paper focuses on the interfaces of IPTV, analyzes related users of IPTV and concentrates on the using targets of the users. We have built an investigation team, and conducted home investigations on users and potential users of IPTV from the perspective of ethnology.We have investigated the using motives, expectations, abilities, immersions and cultural backgrounds of these users. We have made qualitative collection of user information through interviews, observations and user-logs. Then, we verify the investigation results by using quantitative questionnaires, sort out the user investigation information, and build character models. Next, we find out the key behavior differences of the users and subdivide the user groups, combining it with the user characteristics to form the character models. In this way, it can help the designers to form the empathy of the design. By using scene scripts, scenario simulations of subdivided characters are repeatedly conducted, so we can get to know the demand of IPTV users in concrete scenarios and in the meantime ensuring character expectations.In accordance with the IPTV user motives, we build interactive framework, ensure consistent visual styles, promote development process of IPTV interfaces, and integrate user demand into the design framework of EPG menu and the remote by combining the objectives and expectations of characters to design EPG menu and the remote interfaces of Hi-Fi IPTV. In this way, we can improve the usability and favorability of EPG menu and the remote to the users, thus increasing their inclination of IPTV and promoting the development of the IPTV industry.

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