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Research on Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Microstrip Antennas Based on Immune Algorithm

Author LiJianLan
Tutor LiZuo
School Tianjin University
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords immune algorithm frequency and pattern Reconfigurable antenna method of moment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The reconfigurable antenna can fulfill functions of multi-antenna on only oneantenna. In order to increase the capabilities and functions of wireless integratedinformation systems and widen their bandwidths, overcome the drawbacks, theconcept of reconfigurable antenna is presented. At present, this work is still atdeveloping stage, and much unknown domains need to be overcome. Due to thehighly nonlinear, more extreme, not differential relation between antenna structureand its electromagnetic characteristics, the study of antenna and its electromagnetic isa very complicated problem. And the design of reconfigurable antenna needs moreefficient electromagnetic analysis methods, because it is not a simple superpositionwith more traditional antenna.Immune algorithm is combined with the genetic algorithm and mechanism ofimmune information and based on the genetic algorithm. Compared to the geneticalgorithm, the immune has more advantages. Because of genetic algorithm have nolinear and differentiable restrictions of function, it is very suitable for highly nonlinearantenna parameters optimization. Immune algorithm as an improved algorithm to thegenetic algorithm is superior to genetic algorithm in many aspects and can improvethe algorithm precision and accuracy and to save iteration number.Combined with the method of moment (MOM) with immune algorithm, thispaper optimizes the reconfigurable antenna. Firstly, this paper introduced thefundamental theory of the reconfigurable antennas and kinds of optimized algorithm.Secondly, we make a compare between the genetic and immune algorithm. Then wesummed up the development of the reconfigurable antennas based on immunealgorithm in recent years. At last, several frequency and pattern reconfigurableantennas are designed based on the optimization of the immune algorithm. Theseantennas can realized the flexible change of frequency or flexible change of pattern ina fixed frequency and the change of frequency in the fixed pattern.

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