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Nunchakus Development Statusquo and Countermeasures Reseach

Author DingMin
Tutor LiuKe
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords Nunchakus development statusquo countermeasures research
CLC G852
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Nunchaku is a kind of working tools of flail crops which is invented by ancient people in the production process with the development law of nature, through continuous development and evolution, formed a wushu sport with distinctive features which merged knives, swords, batons, whips, boxing and various kinds of skills into one form.With the development of society, the Nunchakus has become an important part of wushu development in our country, and cause a world wide attention in the kingdom of Wushu and wrestling. At the same time,Nunchaku is known by every people all over the world because the skills of drill innovated and improved. The development and spread of Nunchakus depend on Bruce lee’s contribution.It is introduced in material that he learned cudgel from the Philippines famous masters , but did not pointed out he studied Nunchakus from the Philippines.It can explain that Bruce lee found the charm of Nunchakus during he studied it.famous filed the acquisition, self-contained and development, through the movies put Chinese wushu Nunchakus onto a very high position and influence. This paper, by consulting relevant literature material, give a scientific theory for the name and the origin of Nunchakus, let more Nunchakus lovers have a further understanding of the history and culture of Nunchakus . Although it rapid develop rapidly, but there are still many problems in it,every coin has two sides, the development of the inheritance and development process in Nunchakus, unavoidable also will produce some negative effects, such as the 1990s peak, domestic and international development Nunchakus grappling with the street once Nunchakus contact together, cause many accidents, which was once forbidden to use and practice, so that hindered the development of Nunchakus, this paper through researching the cultural origin of Nunchakus in order to study the Nunchakus’ heritance and continued development for in-depth research.To discribe the basic characteristics and the structural change in development of Nunchakus , as well as the techniques and action Nunchakus teaching. In view of the lack of theoretical knowledge in the development process and then adation , aims to let it more perfect and scientific.This paper through a large number of literature review, survey analysis and physical picture film video watching, the development status of the nunchuck systematic collation and analysis, focused on the development of Nunchakus why in today’s extensive and In the development and dissemination process all faced some problems and have not formed a unified system of order raised topics related to the feasibility and countermeasures.

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