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Current international pro trend of trade protectionism and China 's Strategies

Author ZhangXiaoXia
Tutor XuShengDao
School Zhengzhou University
Course National Economics
Keywords International trade trade protection new trade barrier countermeasures
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The argument of free trade and protected trade has never stopped. The result of their gamble is that the various countries use the trade protective measures generally and protects the domestic market and the industry under the trade liberalization background. Since 1990s, with the enhancement of the world multilateral trade system, the trade protectionism trend has not disappeared but changed their tactics and the new protection method, especially some developed countries implements the new trade protective measures by each kind of name in order to protect their own economic interest. On March 5, 2002, President Bush announced that the safeguard measures of the 10 kinds of imported the steel products are taken and levied additional tariffs reaches 30% in a three-year period. On January 30, 2002, European Union Council take the production of Zhoushan area of frozen shelled fresh shrimp chloromycetin content exceeding the allowed figure as a reason,the comprchensive prohibition from Chinese import animal source food. As a result, the poultry products of our country dropped 32.9% in 2002. European Union levies 24.5% to 44.6% different anti-dumping duty to the color television which imported China from April 1, 1995. These all indicated that new protectionism gains unceasingly, moreover gets stronger and stronger. This trade protectionism trend is happening with the impelling of the economical globalization and WTO, and presents the new characteristic comparing with before various countries’ trade protection policy. The comprehensive understanding current international trade protection new tendency and accepting and carrying out trade liberalization principle, the governments seek the suitable trade protective measures to maintain their own authority and become an issue which is worth discussing. In this paper, the author analyzes the trade protection theory firstly, and researches protected trade new characteristic currently, and the protective measures new methods, and analyzes these new trade barriers emphatically influence which have an effect on the exports of our country on the basis of these analysis, and proposes some solution countermeasure.The paper is five parts:The first part: foreword. It introduces research background, the literature summarizes, primary coverage and portal frame construction, research technique and so on.The second part, it summarizes the trade protection theory basis, mainly the mercantilism economic theory; Liszt’s weak industrial protection theory; Keynes’s foreign trade multiplication theory; Trade condition worsening theory; Strategic trade theory, and management trade policy theory. Analysis each protected trade theory regarding the protection basis, the method, and the policy position.The third part, it analysis current international trade protection presents new characteristic: The various countries take generally; Protective measures diversification; the function of WTO and government diplomacy is increased. The author points out in the situation of restricted in the customs duty and the control quantity protective measures function, counter-dumping and the counter-subsidy, the technical trade barrier and safeguard the measure to use in frequently specially by the various countries the trade protection constitutes the new protection method.The fourth part, it researches international trade protects imposed to the Chinese product exportation. Especially analysis anti-dumping and the counter-vailling, the technical trade barrier and the safeguard measure with emphasis to our country product exportation hindrance. At present, China is t he biggest victimized of counter-dumping countries in the world, since 1990s, in the average 6-7 rebellion dumping case was the Chinese product. In recent years, Chinese product bitter experience more and more many counter-dumping investigated and sues, involved all export product and the category nearly.The fifth part, it proposes the trade barrier countermeasures from two aspects of the government and the enterprise. First, countermeasures of the government: In according to the trade sustainable development request, it enforces the maintenance overall trade dynamical equilibrium, the exportation, imports the balanced trade strategy; The establishment of international connects rails technical laws and regulations and standard system; the of establishment unification standard on the product authentication approval system; the Construct of Chinese trade safeguard system; the establishment of the multi-level, multi- angles of view and multi-channel trade barrier early warning mechanism and the response mechanism; Fully solve of the mechanism using the World Trade Organization conflict, maintains the Chinese industry benefit; strengthen the diplomacy, the establishment of the market economy status as soon as possible. Countermeasures of the enterprise: Strengthen the industrial structure adjustment, the promotion industry promotes, enhance internationally unexpectedly struggles the strength; Try our best to pass ISO14000 certification to meet the inquirment of environment protection.Prompt clean production greatly to build green export-oriented enterprises.The reduces of the value about the specific trade partner and the specific import-export goods depends for existence; the standard of enterprise t he behavior of exports, prevented the malignancy unexpectedly struggles; Raises the management level, enterprise’s organizational structure.

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