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Application Study on the Wavefront Coding System’s Properties Using the Spatial Light Modulator

Author FanLiQiang
Tutor CaiHuaiYu
School Tianjin University
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords Wavefront Coding Liquid Crystal Spatial Modulator phase-only modulation phase mask simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The phase mask is the most important part of the wavefront coding system. Every specific mask has the particular performance. With a detailed study ,there will be more and more kinds of mask,and the parameters of the mask will become more complicated. When the application environment changed, the mask will adopt to it. So , if we want to get the real performance of the mask, we must design and optimize the system first , and then send it to be manufactured. Afterwards the performance of the mask is showed in front of us. But most of phase masks in the wavefront system are with non-spherical structure . It is hard to be manufactured and bring a high cost , when we have a non-bulk need . Besides, it will take much more time to manufacture them because of their structures . All of the mentioned above make the researches unfavorable. Although, design and simulation software can get part of the phase mask’s performance, but there are some differences with the actual. Currently, more and more experts and scholars turn their attention to the simulation through some device and means to play the phase mask’s role. Obtaining the right performance of the mask through simulation , we can manufacture the expected phase mask . Deokhwa Hong [1] and others have already done some successful attempts. Learning from them, we try using the liquid crystal spatial light modulator to realize the simulation phase plate in order to achieve different properties of the phase plate.To get over the obstacle , we will bring up the idea of using the liquid crystal spatial light modulator to realize the simulation of the phase mask . By doing this we can achieve our purpose of making the performance of phase mask clearer. Some researches in this dissertation have been carried out as following:1. On the basis of mastering the spatial light modulator’s principle, we investigate the liquid crystal spatial light modulator phase-modulation method and conditions, and have made a measurement of the physical characters of the purchased HOLOEYE LC2002 Liquid Crystal spatial light modulator.2. Based on binary optics Fresnel lens theory proposed the simulation methord of the phase mask Analysed the feasibility of using spatial light modulator to simulate the phase mask ,and the simulation limits .3. The simulation performance of the phase mask are discussed in detail. The impact of the spatial light modulator’s parameters are also discussed in detail .4. Verified the phase mask’s wavefront performance through experiment , and discussed the difference between the simulated phase mask the actual one .

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