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Studies on the Regional Difference in Organic Matter of Tobacco Soils and Their’ Are Fertility in Hunan Province

Author DuanMeiZhen
Tutor YanHeHong
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Planting
Keywords Hunan Flue-cured tobacco Organic matter Regional differences Active organic carbon
CLC S572
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Hunan tobacco soil organic matter regional differences , but in the production of soil organic matter content did not affect the growth of tobacco proven reasons , the study compare and filter out based on the determination of the active soil organic matter , analysis Hunan tobacco soil organic matter, total and labile organic matter of regional differences , and the correlation between the two analyzes . On this basis , the fertility status of the major tobacco-growing areas in Hunan Province . The main findings are as follows : 1 by a simple comparison of different testing methods for active organic carbon , different conditions on the determination method analysis of potassium permanganate oxidation of 1 hour oscillation screened as active organic carbon determination method , this method is fast convenient, accurate and reliable results . 2 Hunan tobacco-growing areas of soil organic matter content in the range of 17.22 ~ 53.31 g ╱ kg , with an average content of 33.81 g / kg, Shonan ( an average of 43.12 g ╱ kg ) > the Xiang ( average 31.19 g ╱ kg ) > xiangdong (30.76 g ╱ kg)> Xiangxi ( average 23.48 g ╱ kg), the total different tobacco-growing areas of organic matter are significant differences , Shonan and Xiangxi there was significant difference ; organic matter content level from west to south gradually increased . Of active soil organic carbon content between 2.60 ~ 5.92g ╱ kg , the average content of 4.17 g ╱ kg Shonan ( an average of 4.64 g ╱ kg ) > the eastern Hunan (3.73 g ╱ kg ) > Xiangxi ( an average of 3.55 g / kg ) the > central Hunan ( an average of 3.21 g ╱ kg), regional differences are not significant , active organic carbon occupies a total organic carbon proportion very different . 3 active organic carbon , total organic carbon reaches a significant level . The total level of soil organic carbon is not a complete response to the size of the impact and contribution of soil organic matter on soil nutrient , soil active organic carbon is an important factor affecting growth of tobacco . The province's tobacco-growing areas of soil available N, P, K content and Mg , Zn , Mn and other nutrient elements above the middle level , the effective B at a very low level , 96% of soil missing B . Quite different soil nutrient content and distribution of tobacco planting area , south of Hunan province soil N , P , Zn content , but the K , the Mn content is low ; the Xiangxi smoke area soil available N, P content is lower , effective K , Mn -rich ; the Xiangdong smoke District soil severe magnesium deficiency .

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