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The Design and Realization of the Rehabilitation Medical Information System

Author HuangZuoLi
Tutor LvQingWen
School Southern Medical University,
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords rehabilitation HIS ASP.NET B/S C#
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Hospital information system has gradually developed from information management focus on charge to clinical information management. Clinical information system’s goal is to provide the automatic operation platform for the hospital clinical diagnosis activities, in order to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, integrate medical resources, accumulate medical knowledge, reduce operating mistakes, improve the clinical diagnosis quality and the service level, aid to clinical decision-making. In the hospital, many treatments of the diseases need to be cooperated with rehabilitation physical therapies, therefore the doctors of the rehabilitation department need establish a long-term and close communication with the clinical doctors of other departments. There is no the clinical specialized subject information system for the rehabilitation physical therapy at home and abroad, cause that a lot of precious rehabilitation physical therapy treatment information cannot be collected, stored and shared, lead to the serious loss of the medical information.According to the above actual problems, the subject take the rehabilitation medical information management of General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of PLA as the research object, using advanced Microsoft visualization development platform Visual Studio 2008 combined with the large database technology Oracle 10g, was designed and developed based on B/S structure using asp.net 3.5 (c#) to implement clinical information system, designed to provide a complete and economically feasible solutions for hospital rehabilitation physiotherapy daily treatment, data statistics analysis and aided decision-making reference. Establishing patient-centered medical information management and sharing, as part of the electronic medical records, not only can reduce labor intensity, enhance work efficiency and the work quality to a certain extent, but also can analyze statistical data, workload and management data more timely, accurately, effectively for superior departments’scientific management decision-making and promoting hospital management level. The development of this information system has certain innovation and practical significance.In this paper, firstly, the development status of hospital information system and the development background of this information system are stated, this system is defined as "Rehabilitation Medical Information System", belong to the clinical information system. The data stored will be as retrieving data of rehabilitation physical therapy part in the electronic medical records. After making sure the developing significance and ideas, requirements analysis was made on functionality and performance. Through the discussion with the doctors, we understood deeply of the business process of hospital rehabilitation physiotherapy department and analysed the function requirements and performance requirements of the system for different roles from two kinds of users. Rehabilitation department’s therapists demand:therapists have their own login name, password and privileges; After the view of the information of the patients and treatment projects, they can type-in the therapy of the charged treatments; When the end of therapy treatment, they can input the evaluation information; This information system can make statistics about the amount of out-patients and the workload; This information system can create the reports about the amount of out-patients, the workload, the diseases, treatment effect and treatment projects so on. Clinicians demands:they can apply rehabilitation therapy for patients to this system by the doctor workstation and look up patients’ rehabilitation therapy reports.According to the requirement analysis, then start the general design and detailed design. In the general design, analyzed the structure of this system, through comparing B/S and C/S structure modes, made sure the network is three layers B/S architecture and chose asp.net 3.5 and C# as the development platform, and demonstrated the technical feasibility. In the module function design, the system was divided into nine modules:personal information management, personal workload management, users’information management, the department workload and amount of out-patients management, sending treatment requisitions, checking treatment reports, registered- patients’ care management and inpatients’care management, the charts illustrates the function of each module and relationship. According to the module’s function, we defined system operation process, then design the user page, the layout of the page adopted HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),on the user’s comprehensive suggestions and demands, we studied the emerging AJAX technology and researched its applicability in the system. By the use of AJAX, interface functions and friendly degrees have been improved, the users’experience and the performance of the system have been enhanced. We tried to make the pages’ layout clear, beautiful and friendly. In the design of database, we made the logical structure and physical structure design, introduced the connection principle and operation of the database and the application. In the detailed design, this paper illustrates the flow of each module design and algorithm. Based on the design of the system, in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 integrated development environment, using ASP.NET 3.5 advantage characteristics and powerful function, took C# as developing language to develop, so that significantly reduce coding quantity, improve the efficiency of development, shorten the development cycle and ensure the standardization of the code. We implemented coding according to the design, this paper lists several functions, other code will be shown in the appendix, realization part introduced emphatically the application of AJAX, Session, CSS and crystal report. Testing is the important link of the software system development to ensure the quality, gives evaluation and modification. Through black-box testing, white-box testing and pressure testing, after finding errors and defects as soon as possible, we improved and perfected the system, then conceived some fault and solutions during the operation of the system for maintenance personnel.In the end, the paper gives the overall evaluation on the success and the deficiencies of this research subjects, and put forward the further research contents and direction. This research and application apply to rehabilitation treatment management requirements, are operated simply, not only make the valuable medical information collected, stored and shared, but also improve the working efficiency of the medical staff, and get the medical staff’s praises.

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