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Study on Color Difference of Cashmere Hank Dyeing

Author ZuoTeng
Tutor ZhangZhi
School Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Course Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering
Keywords Cashmere Hank dyeing Sample sizes chromatic aberration Batch of poor Vat
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Dyeing color difference is difficult to solve the most common quality problems in printing and dyeing enterprises, but also stained workers encounter complex and long-term quality problems. With the expansion of China's textile exports, is keen to participate in international competition, also increasingly stringent requirements of the chrominance level. Therefore, how to improve the accuracy and stability of the dyed fabric shade, to adapt to customer requirements, is becoming more and more important. It is not only related to the economic efficiency of enterprises, more related to the company's reputation. Chromatic aberration of a very wide range, which includes the size of the sample and sample chromatic aberration, sample (duplicate samples) formula for large production-like chromatic aberration, the same batch dyed the color difference between the cylinder and the cylinder, the color difference between the batch-to-batch and so on. A good grasp of the dyed various aspects in order to achieve the purpose of reducing chromatic aberration. Dyed color difference is not only the dyeing process will produce. Produce dyed color difference are many factors, it is not only involved in the dyeing process, technology, and also with the management, equipment and operational factors, as well as dyes and chemicals are all closely related. The complexity of the whole process, the mistakes of any link will touch the situation as a whole, affecting the final product quality. Reduce chromatic aberration, we must first grasp the dyeing dyes, additives, quality management, to prevent dyes, auxiliaries quality fluctuations caused by chromatic aberration. Strengthen the management of the dyeing process, such as accuracy, said material, and strict control of the dyeing bath ratio, pH value, and heating, cooling process, prevent post processing impact on the chromatic aberration. Improve water quality, water quality reaches a certain indicators, this is to ensure that the dyeing and finishing process is normal and less flaws basis. Thesis cashmere hank dyeing, for example, in the Erdos Group East Xu dyeing companies and technology centers combined production experiment and test, mainly from the dyeing process and other aspects, through the orthogonal experimental design method to analyze the pH of the dye bath salt amount of leveling agent, bath ratio, first holding temperature, final insulation time, yarn whiteness and yarn. factors chromatic aberration, identify impact cashmere hank dyeing samples with sample chromatic aberration, the size of the sample chromatic aberration, Batch poor, and poor cylinder the most important factor, adjust reasonable dyeing process parameters worked out in line with the optimization of the production process curve, and optimization of process parameters and optimize the technology curve dyed cashmere stranded, the results show that the improved dyeing \\

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