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The Research of Development of Private Lending Agency in Qingdao

Author GaoXueQing
Tutor LiYanMin
School Ocean University of China
Course Finance
Keywords Private lending intermediaries Non - formal financial Financial intermediaries Operation mechanism Supply and demand of funds
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Private lending intermediaries specializing in civil mortgages, private investment and financing intermediaries. Emerging as a financial intermediary, in some cities in China has been developing extremely rapidly. Its business matchmaking, contributed to both the investment and financing lending relationship established for both lenders and borrowers. The purpose of this study is threefold: First, the connotation and extension of private lending intermediaries to make defined; analysis of the operating mechanism of private lending intermediaries; borrowing of the private lending intermediaries main behavioral characteristics and generate the characterized reasons. Study of private lending intermediaries significance is that the theorists non-formal financial analysis of the concept of non-formal financial macro causes of the problems. Most scholars focus of the study is the organizational form for the specific non-formal financial savings will not yet seen the private lending intermediaries. In this paper, the private lending intermediaries, on the one hand, on a rich understanding of the basis of private lending intermediaries such emerging non-formal financial institutions, to deepen the study of non-formal financial important theoretical significance. The other hand, the development of private lending intermediaries the private lending intermediaries norms and sustainable development, as well as private lending intermediary industry specification development and the government of reasonable supervision with a strong practical significance. At the same time, for the exploration of reality through the cultivation of suitable forms of organization, in order to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs has a strong practical value. The first non-formal financial intermediaries, intermediary institutions and financial intermediaries are reviewed. On this basis, according to certain historical logic analysis of the evolution of the borrowing of funds intermediaries forms of organization in our country. Includes a focus on the the private lending intermediaries origin, mainly in the form of organization and the future direction of development, all stages of development of the different characteristics of the main forms of organization, the connotation and extension of private lending intermediaries to make defined. Secondly, the private lending intermediaries from the scope of business, collateral and commercial banks involved in the three angles be subdivided. According to the survey of private lending intermediaries, summed up the operating mechanism of private lending intermediaries. Regulate the operation of private lending intermediaries. Pre gather information, medium to facilitate transactions, the late track of principal and interest and control risk, the three parts of the whole process of private lending. Also discussed the course of development of the Qingdao City, private lending intermediary industry and the role of government in this process. In private lending intermediaries in Qingdao City, for example, explore the funding needs of private lending intermediaries, suppliers of funds behavioral characteristics. The innovation of this paper is to first stage based on the basic characteristics and in financial intermediaries evolution should at this stage private lending intermediaries should have made a clear and precise definition, its connotation and extension. Private capital intermediary itself is a spontaneous evolution of complex by different evolutionary stages of the financing chain and forms of organization and its variants constitute such institutions exist, in practice, the name of diversity, the status of institutional characteristics are not significant, and thus development of the industry and government regulation difficult. Therefore, the study suggests that the meaning of this stage private lending intermediaries should, private lending intermediaries service in the private sector, to help financing as the main business, collateral risk control measures, officially registered in the business sector fully mediated corporate legal services. Is a good development prospect is a regular, organized, informal financial organizations to provide full mediation services. Based private lending intermediary business development part and the part of the variant, such as related products, services, institutions and organizations all define the extension of private lending intermediaries. Another innovation of this paper is based on a deep understanding of the characteristics of this body of private lending intermediaries, the meaning of the private lending intermediaries to 2008, Qingdao, private lending industry survey, based on analysis of private lending intermediary institutions in the capital suppliers and demand behavioral characteristics of the two types of main mainly as follows: capital supply customers individual customers of the high school education, the age structure is stable. Year less than five hundred thousand small loans loan amount. Owners of private enterprises accounted for a higher proportion; capital requirements of customers are secondary clients of formal financial institutions, gradually increase the proportion of highly educated customer, the customer's age structure is stable. Amount distributed in less than one year to one million small amount of money. In addition, the demand and supply of capital market began to expand to the suburbs to urban-based capital supply customers for private lending intermediaries acceptability, the level of trust and the number of the supply of funds determines the development of the private lending intermediaries and the funds will go into the field of production;

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