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Teaching of Rhythmic Gymnastics on cardiac function of female college students

Author JuQiuShuang
Tutor LiShuang
School Guangzhou University
Course Education
Keywords Artistic Gymnastics Cardiac Function Female College Students
CLC G834-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective By examining female college students’ five normal cardiac function before and after sporting, observing the relationship between 12 weeks of artistic gymnastics teaching and cardiac function. On one hand, providing theoretical basis for the sustainable development of the comprehensive promotion in school physical education and health course. On the other hand, quantitatively evaluating the effect of artistic gymnastics teaching, providing guidance practice load of artistic gymnastics, fitness, ensure the safety of physical education.Methods This study select 20 female college students of GuangZhou University age 19-23 years old. The inclusion criteria is:no heart and lung disease; without professional sports experience and fitness habits;the result of ecg examination is normal. Give reaserch object art gymnastics teaching for 12 weeks, weekly 4-5 times, each exercise last for 1 hour. The main content of this teaching is unarmed artistic gymnastics. Including:5-10 minutes of preparation, such as waltz composed; 35-40 minutes of basic part, such as gymnastics, unarmed stem, the soft step, part sufficient steps, transform basic pace step;15 minutes of physical training, using roll abdomen, body side such practice to strengthen the several major muscle groups in legs and waist. We use SPSS17.0 to processing empirical data, statistic method is T-test and chi-square test, P<0.05 for significant differences, P<0.01 for very significant differences.Results (1) Heart rate variability:after teaching female college students’ quiet heart rate, the difference between R-R and average R-R interphase value is more than 50ms account for the total percentage,the standard deviations of R-R interphase are highly significantiy changed (P<0.01); All frequency range of total power, high frequency power spectrum density frequency peak after sporting are significantly higher than before(P< 0.05). (2) Spectrum ecg analysis:although after teaching female college students’ spectrum electrocardiogram changed, there’s no significantly effect (x2=1.244, P> 0.05). (3) Left ventricular systolic function:after teaching, female college students’ electromechanical shrinkage, mechanical contraction time are significantly higher than before(P<0.01);,and Left ventricular ejection time significantly extends (P<0.05). (4) The heart pumps blood function:after artistic gymnastics teaching, every cardiac output is very significantly increasing (P<0.01); Every minute output, cardiac index, blood vessel compliance degrees is also significantly higher before(P<0.05). (5) Cardiovascular plant nerve function:after 12 weeks of art teaching, female students’ made lie poor and poor breathing are improved significantly (P<0.05).Conclusion After 12 weeks artistic gymnastics teaching, the vagus nerve sympathetic nerve adjust ability of female college students are improved obviously, the vagus nerve are strengthened,,thereby increasing the ability of cardiac protection; Artistic gymnastics teaching can make the myocardial fibers shorten degree bigger, improve female students’ heart ability to adapting different situation;Artistic gymnastics teaching can effectively strengthen heart to pumping more blood, can improve heart function, thus improve aerobic exercise endurance inherit level.

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