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On the Lexical Relations in Chinese and English Contract Language

Author TianHuiWen
Tutor SongLei
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Contract language Semantics Education Press Contract law Structuralism Party Translation Measures Chinese and English Property relations Compact range
CLC H315
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Today's society, contract law, adjustment between the parties to get more and more concerned about the legal rights and obligations. Parties through the conclusion of the contract to determine the intent and conditions of the exchange, to perform the contract to the exchange and trade, so as to realize the adjustment of personal and property relations. Therefore, the accuracy of the terms in the contract directly affect the vital interests of the parties. From a linguistic point of view, the study of lexical relations, regardless of semantics or lexicology, are multifaceted discourse and fruitful. Among them, the most famous is structuralism semantics of discourse on the the subtle vocabulary relationship - hyponymy relationship, antisense relationships and relative relations. However, with the development of the theory of semantics and lexicology, lexical relations presents the trend of specialization and diversification. This article is based on the vocabulary relations, respectively, from the point of view of linguistics and contract law term relationships, visits ambiguous and vague wording of the Chinese and English text of the contract, that might be encountered in the analysis of the contract to understand and translate them lexical gaps semantics by default, the last of these issues translate countermeasures, which can be helpful in understanding and exchange of Chinese and Western contract law. In view of the contract too broad, the scope of this study is limited to the written contract terms in English and Chinese. This article briefly describes the characteristics of the contract language and the important role of the contract language vocabulary, and thus the transition to the theoretical basis of the lexical relations. Turning to the lexical relationship is no longer limited to the point of view of the structuralist semantics, but introduces other schools in this area of ??research. Then, the author of which exist in English contract language vocabulary static comparative study, analyze their similarities and differences. Contract is present in the social life, so the last two sections which examine what problems among vocabulary relations in a dynamic world. In view there are many differences between China and the Western world in terms of history, culture, customs and religious beliefs, and the legal system and legal culture, and different levels of economic development, therefore inevitably ambiguous and vague phenomenon exists in the contract, the contract, the Sino-British exchanges there still exist the phenomenon of lexical gaps, the authors proposed to deal with different situations to take a different translation skills. And hope the the contract language vocabulary can cause the attention of the academic community, so as to promote the development of Chinese and foreign exchange of Law.

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