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An Ecocritical Reading of Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing

Author SuRuiDan
Tutor SongMin
School Inner Mongolia University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Ecocriticism Margaret Atwood Emerge Mankind Natural Harmony
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Margaret Atwood is one of Canada's most famous writers, so far, she has published fourteen poetry collections, five collections of short stories, three literature reviews and 11 novels. Won numerous domestic and international literary awards, including twice Canada's highest literary prize - Governor Award nominated three times British fiction Booker Prize in 2001 with a new \As a prolific writer, Atwood sight focused on three major areas: the status of women, Canada's national status and ecological crisis as a result of the blind development of science and technology. Previous research done on her stays of thinking on the issues of feminism and nationalism, but Atwood or an ecological vision of scholars. Ecological problems Atwood has been of great concern to this stage from the beginning of creation, and therefore This paper attempts of early novels Surfacing for example, criticism from the ecological point of view, to reflect on the relationship between man and nature, to explore Atwood novel embodies the profound ecological ideology. This article the main body is divided into four parts, the first part focuses on writing Atwood Road and scholars from feminist and nationalist angle made it. The second part introduces the theory of ecological criticism, analysis of the use of the theoretical interpretation of the rationality and feasibility of the \The Critical Perspective aims to rediscover the relationship between man and nature, the end of the Western world has long defined as the conqueror of nature point of view, put forward the \This under the guidance of critical thinking, this paper realized Surfacing embodied Atwood ecological ideology and contains deep ecological concern that has a full feasibility study this novel method of ecocriticism . The third part reveals \Ending human conquest of nature has led to two aspects of the consequences: withstand natural trampled and human suffering; industrialization and technology to induce human to believe that human beings can be ruled natural. The most important thing is Atwood and many ecologists are against anthropocentrism anthropocentrism is the ideological roots of the human conquest of nature. The fourth part focuses on the the ecological ideal: Atwood novel reflected humanity in harmony with nature. Only established a close relationship between human beings and nature, an awareness that humanity is a natural part of the identity of human to nature, to assume ecological responsibility, and become a true \This thesis explores the ecological worldview reflected in Atwood novel about the relationship between man and nature. Atwood only to abandon the idea of ??the \The practical significance of this article is to sound an alarm, the ecological crisis facing humanity at the same time evoke human ecological problems.

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