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Advancing in the Aesthetic Journey of Classicality Transferred to Modern

Author SongXianMei
Tutor PuYouJun
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Wang Guowei Zong Baihua Realm Artistic conception Modern Aesthetic
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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\Wang Guowei and Zong Baihua is a key figure in the transition to modernity aesthetic contributed to the Chinese tradition of \the focus of attention. This article is based on the \Cultural Context and aesthetics of a detailed study and comparative analysis. This paper argues that Wang Guowei explore the \Said his \proposed, in fact, that is the theory of poetry writing to enhance its poetics, word studies theoretical results. Zong Baihua \Have different cultural context and value orientation in the collision of cultural communication, Wang Guowei combination of traditional Chinese aesthetic concept, formed on the basis of comprehensive Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, the \The solution lies in the art of body concept, Zong Baihua comprehensive Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Bergson and the traditional basis of the theory of the \Them as a basis point to examine the traditional theory of the \S \and muddy habitat ontological existence, the \Zong Baihua \to achieve, it is only in the aesthetic state, the heart of \Wang Guowei, \surplus \an inherent tension and conflict, therefore, Wang Guowei's \This shows that Wang Guowei \Zong Baihua absolutely free blind Life Will will have included in the the harmony forms of life and life and methodical \a master \This indicates that the Zong Baihua interpretation of the \However, Zong Baihua this \Characteristics of this modern aesthetic in Wang Guowei publicity to the \King, were the two highlights precisely by the publicity of the \Wang Guowei and Zong Baihua modern interpretation of the traditional theory of the \above, Kant is led to a key figure in the occurrence of the past and of the modern Western aesthetic. It can be seen, the occurrence of the exchange and integration of the modern interpretation of the traditional \Wang Guowei, Zong Baihua in Nietzsche's \awake, and that body the same \In summary, from Wang Guowei to Zong Baihua, the development of the theory of the \classical and modern through.

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