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Under Deliberative Democratic Sight at the Grassroots Democracylevel Decision-making Mechanism Research

Author LuoHong
Tutor WangZhenYa
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Political Theory
Keywords the deliberative democracy the Positive free Public rationality the Wen ling pattern the Democratic decision-making
CLC D621.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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the Habermas believed that, the democracy is the core question of modern. Its essence does not lie in the form, but lies in the citizen positive politics participation. After reform and open. Our country has developed the democracy election as the main content democracy at the grassroots level in the general countryside, but as a result of all sorts of reasons, the democracy construction at the grassroots level encounters "the democratic dilemma" namely contradiction between political participation request surging upward with political institution level somewhat low: On the one hand. the grassroots cadre decision-making faults and the short-term behavior appear frequently. the cadre and masses relationship is intense, the masses by negative attitude treatment the election; On the other hand. the masses through all kinds of non- institution channel, display the high political participation enthusiasm, brought the countryside society into unstable. has affected the economical development. How does to solves this problem, it is not only the significant theory question, and also the significant practice question. In This article, author gives some ponders in order to solve the democracy dilemma at the grassroots level.The author through reviewing and combing the former research discover that: On the one hand, the overseas scholars have researched many aspects of the deliberative democracy, including the connotation, the condition, the system, the function of the deliberative democracy, as well as the relation between the deliberative democracy with the plural society. the dilemmas and choices of the deliberative democracy faces and so on. On the other hand, the domestic scholar carry the research of the deliberative democracy still at the start stage. the research results are few, also the insufficient system, the majority belonged translates and narrates and comments. Simultaneously, also a part of scholars start using the deliberative democratic theory to research our country reality democratic politics practice, but in the existing achievements. they pay main attention in the macroscopic politics, such as. The Political Consultative Conference system. The National People’s Congress system and the public administration and so on. They pay few attention to the democracy at the grassroots, especilly at the countryside grassroots democracy level. They pay less attention to it is function in the political decision-making. Since "the Wen ling pattern" appeared in 1999, the periodical Politics publish a group articles to study the Wen ling pattern in 2003 the second issue. Such as the Beijing University government manages instituteXie Qing Kui《the development at the grassroots level democracy politics construction- to analysis the democracy discussion in the Wen ling city》; The Beijing University political development and the government manage the research institute Li Jing peng《the establishment new mechanism in the democracy discussion and the democratic policy-making》; Chinese People’s University international relations institute politics department Zhang Xiao jing《the important attempt in the democracy construction development: ponders caused by The Wen ling democracy discussion》; and so on. The existing essays mostly analyze the countryside democracy political development significance from other angles. there still lack using the deliberative democracy to study the Wen ling pattern, specially there still lack essay which study policy-making innovation of the Wen ling pattern by the deliberative democracy theory.According to the research clue, the paper divides into five parts to carry statement. The first part for introduction, including the significance to select this topic, research commentary and research clue. The second part for the deliberative democracy and its the theory, combing the deliberative democracy completely; The third part for the origin and the development, discussing the background which the Wen ling pattern appeared, origin and development; The fourth part for the significance of the Wenl ing pattern:. one, the democracy discussion localization——the new decision-making mechanism at the grassroots democracy; two, the procedure analysis forthe democracy discussion; three, the characteristic analysis for the democracy discussion; four, the significance analysis, the value demand of the deliberative democracy; The fifth part is summary to the full text and the ponders.

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