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Based on curved triangular patch of discrete multilevel fast multipole method of parallelization research

Author ZhaoHuaPeng
Tutor HuJun
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords Electromagnetic Scattering Multilevel fast multipole method Parallel computing Non-blocking communication Extremely Large size
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Extremely Large size electromagnetic scattering analysis method is an important topic in the field of radar target characteristics, which have a wide range of applications in the field of radar system design, microwave remote sensing, fighter stealth design, target imaging and recognition. As an integral equation of efficient algorithms, multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMA) has been widely used for the large target electromagnetic scattering analysis, but solving electromagnetic scattering problems for Extremely Large size target, due to the huge amount of computation and storage can not be completed in a single multilevel fast multipole method with parallel combination is an effective way to solve electrically large electromagnetic scattering problems; parallel technology can also further improve computational efficiency, enabling electrically large electromagnetic scattering problems The fast solution. In order to accurately and efficiently solve Extremely Large size target electromagnetic scattering problems, the paper first examines the accuracy of the three basic functions; then transfer items fast computation and nearly block impedance optimize storage; then parallel multilevel fast multi-polar the processing of the communication in the sub-methods compared MPI communications library in two communication modes, to determine the non-blocking communication as a primary means of communication, the design of two communication method based on the non-blocking communication, computing and communications overlap to parallel efficiency; task partitioning and load balancing to achieve; also generalized minimal residual iterative method of parallel processing and parallelization block diagonal preconditioner; eventually developed with domestic independent copyright song Triangle SMD discrete parallel MLFMM subroutine, and performance evaluation of the program, and its parallel efficiency. Solving examples as the Extremely Large size target scattering SGI O350 Server with 8 CPU to solve the unknown amount of nearly 5,300,000 electric size metal balls up to 100 wavelengths of electromagnetic scattering problems. Finally, application of parallel multilevel fast multipole method of quickly solving bistatic VFY218 aircraft under 1 GHz plane wave irradiation dual-polarized RCS proved its ability to quickly solving complex the engineering goals electromagnetic scattering problem. Of this research work realized Extremely Large size, large-scale electromagnetic scattering problems solving, but also to achieve the target electromagnetic scattering problems of electrically large complex projects quickly solving, analysis of electromagnetic scattering has a very important significance.

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