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A Study on Service Industry Development and Spatial Distribution of Resources-based City in the Transformation Process

Author YueNa
Tutor ShenYuMingï¼›RenWangBing
School Capital Normal University
Course Geography
Keywords Resource-based cities Jining City, Industrial transformation and The service industry configuration Space layout
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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The the development of of the resource-based cities problem, not only is the the the problems encountered in the in the the the development of of the China, is also the the world on the not yet a good solution to while the the problem of of the in urgent need of research. From the the the last century, 80 years to the present, the the the problem of the of China's resource-based the city's is becoming increasingly serious. Resource-based cities in order to the the resources Legislative City,, rely on the resource Prospering City, the economic structure a single, the economic development has stagnated, the residents falling living standards, the unemployment significant increase of population, the the ecological environment is becoming increasingly deterioration of, the the sustainability of of of its development has been a great challenges. Resource-based cities as the city's one type, To to achieve sustainable development, it must make the transformation, the Among them, the the industrial transformation and is particularly critical. Therefore, in the the the the when of the the thriving of the the of the resource-based cities mining industry, the it is should to to accumulate funds steering put into, vigorously develop the the manufacturing, services, the development of substitute industries, to to prepare the the sustainable development of of the resource-based cities. In this paper, in order to the resource-based city of Jining City, as an example, of his [her] estate the development of characteristics, the development of the service industry the status quo and service industries industry carried out analysis and evaluation of, To investigate the the mechanism of of the role of of transformation by the the services sector on the resource-based cities industry has, and put forward the Jining City, focused on service industry industry to select and spatial layout envisaged. First of all, through the terms of the rate of China of the Fuxin, Jiaozuo three typical resource-based cities and regions process of economic transformation for the Germany's Ruhr District,, research, analysis the the the role and configuration of of the the services sector, of the in the the a transformation process., For the Jining City, in the the the the process of of economic restructuring the development of The service industry to provide experience for learn from. The second, on the the the Jining the the industrial structure of development of characteristics and development of the service industry the status quo carried out analysis, from the total amount development, the development of the internal structure of, the development of within the-regional space three aspects for analysis, come to the Jining City, stages of industrial development, existing problems, as well as service industry the conditions for development and problems. The third, the Jining the development of the industry of the Services Sector carried out comprehensive evaluation, the the comparative advantages of based on in Shandong Province, calculate the the the the the scale of of of each the service industry industry in Jining advantage index, the efficiency advantage index, an increase of advantage index, economic Composite Index, and the to absorb employment index, in order to each index for the basis for, the use of the SPSS statistical analysis software carried out cluster analysis, will the Jining City, of key service industries in industry be classified, and to an group swarm be evaluated of the various industries., come to the the characteristics of of the Jining City, industrial system of the Services Sector, To investigate the its to the formation mechanism of. Fourth, combined with the the the needs of of the Jining the actual situation of related to economic restructuring, based on the the the choice of the principle of of the key industries of the Services Sector, put forward the the the choice of of the Jining key industries of the Services Sector. Fifth, the the analysis of the the the distribution characteristics of of the each of the the service industry in Jining industry in the the space on the, according to the the basis for industrial development of the in various districts cities and counties of the, the advantage of resource endowments and city of the future functional positioning, put forward the future Jining City, the service industry industry the the idea of ??of the space layout.

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